So Long Trump Tower, Hello Green River – Day 2


23 hours at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas and I was hooked. The relaxation theme continued with a super fun and delicious dinner of chicken pot pie pasties and conversation with my awesomely cool and generous Las Vegas friends Sue and Lisa, followed by a late night soak in the ginormous sunken jet tub before hitting the hay for some quality shut eye thanks to the luxuriously comfortable bed, linens and black out curtains. 

Was generously offered a complimentary late checkout of 1pm… So in typical Sally fashion I made the most of it. I lounged on the couch with my furry guy and read up on all things Las Vegas. I treated myself to another dip in the pool and a few rays of sunshine before making my way to the spa for a facial. Sublime. 

Listening to a little Ray Charles poolside this morning 

The Relaxation Lounge at the Trump Spa. So so nice.  

Enjoyed a mouthwatering caprese salad at the DJT restaurant before packing up our belongings. Trump Hotel should be noted as having some of THE best customer service I have experienced thusfar in Las Vegas. Absolutely outstanding from beginning to end. The bellman who transported my bags to my car was the icing on the cake. Fantastic!  I truly hated to leave, but will stay there again in a heartbeat. An A+ hotel experience. 

We hit the road at 1:30pm. I’ve made this drive many times and knew I was in for a treat. 

The 15 goes for 243 miles before hitting I-70 and heading east for another 160 miles. Pretty remote in most places, some small towns and even completely out of touch with all civilization for a 110-mile stretch, with truly spectacular open road scenery to behold. Sit back and enjoy the moment. 

Leaving Las Vegas

Entering Arizona just for a minute 

Just rollin’ with the flow

Entering Utah

A random Joshua Tree standing proud

The beauty of nothingness

The colors, the rock formations, spectacular 

The clouds only add to this work of art 

Southern Utah really is something to see 

One of my favorite viewing spots ever. The Salt Wash. 

Completely untouched 

God’s country 

The storms are a brewin’

I really hope we don’t hit whatever’s ahead 


Dramatic views of the storm 

Arriving into Green River Utah just as the sun is setting 

Well it ain’t the Trump International Hotel, but it’s the best in Green River. Clean, comfortable, safe. No serious complaints here. 

Perfectly acceptable accommodations 

Elliott says, “It’ll do” 

Headed over to Tamarisk Restaurant next door for some grub 

Native American fry bread with BBQ chicken. Could only finish half of this bad boy. 

A long day of driving, but we made it safe and sound and were bathed in the beauty of the open road and natural wide open spaces of Southern Utah.  Better than any day at the office, I’d say. 


On the Road Again… Day 1


Hit the road this morning for what will be a 10-day road trip through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. A bit weary after an ultra busy weekend with an out of town guest. Thankful to have had the time with her but running low on energy as a result. 

Today’s destination: Las Vegas. Sin City. My town. 

I have never driven to Vegas from Los Angeles on a Monday, but I may need to start doing just that. I made miraculous time with no traffic jams and mostly clear sailing. What a dream!  And because I didn’t have to stress out about hellish traffic I was able to zone out and listen to some of the 5 million videos I’ve taken on my iPhone since January. Damn, I get to see some cool shows. If only every drive to and from Vegas could be this easy breezy and effortless. 

Arrived in exactly four hours and pulled up to the Trump International Hotel. All I can say so far is VERY NICE. Extravagant interior, excellent customer service at the valet and front desk, a nonsmoking establishment and very few children running amok. So far, so good! 

Was assigned a room on the 52nd floor with noteworthy views, impeccably crisp and clean, beautifully appointed and a full kitchen and sitting area to boot. What’s not to love? 

Currently decompressing at the pool. Mellow, cool, South Beach Miami vibe. Good tunes playing. No screeching kiddos splashing and causing a disruptive scene. Stiff Piña Colada in hand. Lounging around on a late summer afternoon in one of my most favorite cities.  All is good in the world.

Update: young boy in pool starts getting loud and rowdy. His father shut that shit down immediately. Let’s give that man a medal. Love it! 


Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah is a Diamond in the Desert 


I was intrigued when I heard that Wayne Newton was opening his beloved home to the public with a variety of tours to choose from, and as a Wayne Newton fan I knew that I would have to check it out in person. I was in Las Vegas over the 4th of July weekend with my mom, and my visit to Casa de Shenandoah became a reality.

Sticking with the them of gratitude and appreciation of stellar customer service, I would like to first give a few shout-outs to everyone involved in our time at Wayne Newton’s estate. They were absolutely first-rate, and all deserve a mention.

Evelyn worked tirelessly on the phone with me to coordinate a tour time with our hotel check out in order to make sure my precious doggy had a safe and cool place to stay while we toured the mansion. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we were able to come visit and even went as far as to ask her manager if they could create an earlier tour time slot JUST FOR US. Now THAT is good customer service.

Next up, guest services manager Senobia came out to introduce herself to us and explained there had been a mix-up with the payment credit card, and while we were more than happy to provide her with the credit card right then and there, she went ahead and comped our tour and apologized for the inconvenience and misunderstanding. WHAT? Who does that? She was so sweet and clearly makes customer service a top priority. Thank you kindly, Senobia!

Lastly, our tour guide Memo. He has to be the most adorable and fun tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was so informative, told fantastic and funny stories, shared juicy facts and tidbits, and was such a warm and down-to-earth guy. Wayne Newton is very lucky to have all three of these folks representing him at the Casa de Shenandoah. Outstanding!

I really enjoyed the short introduction video shown at the theatre inside the magnificently adorned gift shop and visitor center, as it gives you such a good sense of who Wayne is as a person. Great background and worthwhile film for all visitors to see. As for the mansion tour. It was simply brilliant. Completed in 1976, this modest 8700-square-foot mansion sits on 52 acres of beautiful open space, including several artesian wells which can be seen seen bubbling up in the lake. A number of guest houses, barns, stalls and arenas for his Arabian horses and a collection of exotic animals to boot. Oh and don’t forget the large number of peacocks that reside on the estate, and be sure to ask Memo to tell you the story about them getting inside the house.

Here’s my run down of some of the highlights from our tour. Carved wooden doors from Thailand and rare endangered wood used in the ceiling. Baccarat crystal everywhere you look (Wayne’s favorite), even on the door handles and original staircase railing. Artworks by Renoir, Van Gogh, Walter Keane and more. The exquisite Baccarat and Waterford crystal chandeliers. A rare antique billiard table from India complete with Baccarat crystal legs. Chinaware with 14-karat gold leaf, each piece designed and signed by Wayne himself. The sensational interior decoration of the sunken living room and the use of lapis. Oh the antiques! Don’t get me started on all of the beautiful antiques, including elegant Louis XV and XVI pieces. Be sure to have Memo show you the different security additions suggested to Mr. Newton by the FBI for the safety of his family. The floor-to-ceiling windows and the views of his lush landscape.

You can certainly feel Wayne’s presence and personal touch on everything in this beautiful abode. All the way down to his “man cave” (aka “red room”), master bedroom and daughter’s fairy-esque room. Loved every single detail, personal effect and photo. So fascinating to think of all the presidents, kings and other dignitaries who visited this home throughout the years.

Wayne Newton. A true entertainment legend and icon. What a talented and generous soul he is. Knighted three times,  admired by so many loyal fans and still entertaining crowds after all these years. How many other people are named after a city? Wayne Newton truly IS Mr. Las Vegas, and here’s to many more years of entertaining ahead! Danke schoen Mr. Newton for allowing us to visit your cherished home and estate. I can’t wait to go back for a different tour. In the meantime, I will proudly wear my new Wayne Newton t-shirt and spread the good word.

Here’s to Five-Star Service and Adult-Only Playgrounds 


Back in Vega$, again! This time for some 4th of July fun in the hot, hot sun. Everyone has their addiction and this town is one of mine. I chose to stay at the Mirage, as I think it’s pretty cool trying out all the hotels and experiencing them for myself first hand. Variety is the spice of life, right? 

While I had a sinfully fabulous time, as I always do, I want to focus on two major takeaways from my trip. Customer service and vacationing with children in Las Vegas. And while I’m sure the latter topic will only serve to annoy and irritate some readers, I feel strongly enough about it that I’m willing to take that chance. In the end, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I will proudly and unapologetically express mine. 

Not feeling up to the impending travel logistics nightmare guaranteed at LAX, I decided to drive to Sin City. By the grace of the Las Vegas traffic gods, I made it in under four hours (fantastic time from the LA coast, actually) and headed straight to the hotel in hopes of lucking out with an early check in. And here begins my rundown of what I witnessed as top notch customer service, which is most definitely becoming a lost art in today’s world. I do think each and every one in the list below are worth mentioning, as they all went out of their way to go above and beyond the average level of customer service one usually receives. From the young lady at the front desk who happily checked me in three hours early with a lovely room with a full pool view (thank you!) to the woman at the concierge desk who was so helpful when we needed our 311 and Garth Brooks concert tickets printed out, 

to the young man at the valet who shared with us the AWESOME insider tip that our paid valet ticket works at all the other MLife hotel valets (you’re a Rock Star!). On to the very sweet cleaning ladies on the 12th floor who hooked us up with extra lotions and shampoos, the retail shop employee who lead me over to one of the most spectacular blouses I’ve ever laid eyes on. Continuing with the front desk clerks who answered my calls with a cheerful “Hello Ms. Miller, how can I assist you?” and to the hardworking woman who delivered our lunch from The Pantry…all so very good at delivering five-star customer service. Really. I mean they were ideal representatives of what excellent customer service should be.  Very impressive, and definitely on par with what you see at Bellagio, Caesars and Wynn. It’s comforting to know that this is a town where exceptional customer service still matters. A lot. 

The reason I think this topic is blog-worthy is because there are so many instances today where you go to a restaurant, hotel or boutique and are met with such substandard customer service, it’s almost become the norm. So when I DO experience superb customer service I feel that those who deliver, deserve a shout out. I make it a point to give my return business and positive word of mouth to those people and businesses who actually place a high value on treating each customer as if they were royalty. And who doesn’t like to be treated like royalty? When we spend our hard earned money going somewhere or doing something I think it’s fair to expect a high quality of customer service. In terms of this topic, kudos to you, Mirage! Really nice job! 

Now… on the the topic of children in Las Vegas. 

My thoughts are as follows: Way, way, way, WAY too many toddlers and babies. Strollers EVERYWHERE. Backups at the valet while Mommies and Daddies unpacked their car seats, pack n’ plays, bags of toys, cartons of goldfish crackers, and ginormous diaper bags. Children being drug around at 1 IN THE MORNING on The Strip, through the CASINOS, and out at late night restaurants. Cranky, tired and unhappy kids who would rather be at home, in bed, or at the playground… anywhere except the action-packed Strip or less-than-wholesome Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Screaming, kicking, running and splashing everywhere at the pool as if they were at their local YMCA for swim lessons. I was told by a young man working at the towel desk that all too often he witnesses parents wrapping their children, including small babies, up in towels and leaving them on the lounge chairs while they get a beer and go in the pool. What? Seriously WHY? Even this individual at the ripe age of 16 KNOWS how ridiculous and negligent this behavior is. It’s like these parents aren’t going to let something like HAVING KIDS stop them from having their FUN in Vegas. 

I’ll be honest with you, folks. I. Am. Not A. Fan. I simply DO NOT understand who is having fun in these scenarios? The children? NO. The parents? Definitely NOT. Everyone else around within earshot? HELL NO. I fully comprehend and grasp that Vegas tourism is a money making venture, and in order to make the most money possible, you must market to every demographic available, HOWEVER… that being said… I really WISH Vegas would not market itself as a vacation hot spot for families. Does anyone else see what has happened here? Adults have nearly lost all control of THE ONE city in this country where you can run away and hide from things like dirty diapers, bottles, stroller jams and soccer tournaments. Can’t we just have ONE town where we can act out in sin amongst other sin-loving adults? A place where you can lie at the pool with your Bloody Mary or Pina Colada the morning after a long, hard debaucherous night of drinking, dancing and who knows what else, without having to hear the screams, squeals and tantrums of young children? A town where you can go out and enjoy a tasty dinner at a fine dining establishment without watching unruly children at the table across from you PUT THEIR BARE FEET UP ON THE TABLE and whine about how BORED they are while glued to an iPhone game, as Dad slurps down another beer and buries his head in his cell phone only to come up for air to ask his wife why the kids are acting out? It’s 9 o’clock at night. Kiddies need to be in BED. SLEEPING. Not out on the town in Las Vegas. Anyone in agreement with me here? 

Let’s not forget watching and listening to the parents argue, beg and negotiate with their kiddos to behave or else “no more iPhone for you.” Oh please. Who are you kidding? We all know how that will end. 

The truth is, parents, you can drink all you want, but we all know you are not going to have as much fun on vacation in Vegas WITH your kids in tow as you would if you LEFT THEM AT HOME with Grandma or the nanny. Do you really think this is an appropriate vacation spot for your children? Better yet, why not take the kiddos to KID FRIENDLY MECCAS such as Disneyland and Disneyworld, Legoland, Grand Canyon, or Universal Studios? These places are CREATED to cater to the needs of whiny overactive children of all kinds. Please, for the love of all that is fun in the adult world, LEAVE YOUR CHITLINS AT HOME next time you want to go party it up in Sin City and let us all enjoy our escape from reality for however long we are there. 

This is the foundation upon which Las Vegas was built. Escape from reality and play, spend, gamble, shop, drink, dine, dance, enjoy and go wild like there’s no tomorrow. I can assure you, when the Mob ran Vegas, it was not a town marketed for Family Friendly Vacations. Give us back our adult playground. I beg of you. Ol’ Blue Eyes and his predecessors like Benjamin Siegel would back me up on this one, guaranteed. 

Sally’s Las Vegas Hit List – Just For the Fun of It


As I gear up for another funtastic weekend in Las Vegas, this time to see Celine Dion in concert at the spectacular Caesars Palace, I decided to compile a list of cool, Las Vegas-y attractions and happenings. Once I completed and fact-checked the information, I decided this might just be too good NOT to share. I did not include restaurants, entertainment shows or clubs, as I feel that they should have their own list(s). These are just fun, mostly budget-friendly activities that everyone should try at least once while visiting Sin City. Please note that the information below could change at any time, so please contact them directly to confirm details.

NOW, without any further ado… (in no particular order)

Pinball Hall of Fame:  This “living” museum is packed with a crazy cool collection of vintage pinball and video games that are only $.25 each to play with all proceeds going to local charities! Open 11am to 11pm daily.

Circus Circus Hotel Circus:  Be amazed by a wild assortment of world-class circus acts inside the casino throughout the day. 11am until midnight daily. Free!

High Roller (Ferris wheel):  Bird’s eye view of the Strip and surrounding area from observation pods 550 feet up in the air. 30 minutes to complete a full rotation. Adult beverages are sold and allowed on the ride. Free under 12 years old. $26.95 per adult during the day and $36.95 per adult at night. Open until 2am.

Hershey’s Chocolate World:  Free tours, samples to taste and fun activities for kids! Be sure to check out the 800 lb milk chocolate sculpture of the Statue of Liberty as well as customizing your own chocolate bars! Open 9am daily to 11pm/midnight on weekends.

Downtown Container Park:  Funky, cool and environmentally friendly open-air shopping mall. Boutiques, dining, playground and live entertainment stage all made out of repurposed shipping containers and locally manufactured Xtreme Cubes! DO NOT MISS THE 50 FOOT TALL, FIRE SHOOTING PRAYING MANTIS OUT FRONT. Open 11am daily to 11pm/1am on weekends.

Viva Vision Light Show:  Free nightly light shows on the hour starting at dark. Experience the intensity of the 550,000-watt, concert-quality sound system and the 1500′ x 90′ Viva Vision canopy screen that’s made up of 12.5 million energy-efficient LED lamps. Triptacular! For the adventurous crowd, set yourself up with a Slotzilla zipline ride high above the Fremont Street crowd.

Fremont Street:  Be sure to spend some time downtown and take in the energy that is Fremont Street. Live music, street performers and dance bands that perform nightly, not to mention eating, drinking and gambling in the city’s fabulously old school casinos that line the street. Neon alert! Get your cameras ready!

Bellagio Fountains:  Treat yourself to the breathtaking choreography of the dancing waters and light show at the Bellagio Lake. Free shows Monday through Friday every ½ hour 3pm to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 8pm.

Bellagio Botanic Garden:  Walk inside this magnificent casino and feast your eyes on the Chihuly created glass flower ceiling as well as the whimsical, seasonally themed fresh flower botanic garden just past the lobby. Sensational! Grab a tasty coffee drink and pastry at Jean Philippe Chocolates and Pastries while you’re at it. Lobby open 24 hours.

Neon Boneyard:  Retrolicious collection of Las Vegas’ finest neon signs from glory days past, dating back to the 1930s.Tours only. Visitor center with a gift shop and interactive learning center is neatly housed inside of the old La Concha Hotel lobby building. Too cool! $18 per tour or $30 Mob Museum combo tickets also sold.

Shark Tank Tours at Golden Nugget:  Take an educational tour of this spectacular 200,000 gallon shark tank ($30, Wednesdays only) or take a swim in the pool next to the shark tank for $25 or even just take a free walk by after 8pm daily.

Mirage Volcano:  Catch the new and improved Mirage iconic volcano explosions set to the music of The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Indian tabla master Zakir Hussain. Sunday through Thursday 8 and 9pm. Friday and Saturday 8,9 and 10pm.

Mandalay Bay:  Shark Reef – A mind blowing 1.3 million gallon (main) tank in this ginormous aquarium. Complete with sharks and a shark tunnel, rays, countless fish, and many other marine life as well. Be sure to say hello to all the other creatures featured here such as snakes, dragons and crocodiles. You can even pay to dive WITH the sharks. $20. Open daily 9:30am to 7 pm/9pm on weekends.

Luxor:  Ongoing educational exhibits the Titanic Artifacts and Bodies both $32. Opens at 10am daily with last entrance at 9pm.

Mob Museum:  Aka National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. This incredibly well thought-out and interactive museum dedicatd to the history of organized crime in the US, famous gangsters & Las Vegas-specific history. Housed in the former Las Vegas Courthouse and Post Office. NOT TO BE MISSED. Allow at least 2-4 hours. Day passes are good for same day re-entry. Snacks and drinks are sold on site. Fantastic gift shop. Due to mature/violent content, please leave children under 12 at home. Open 10am to 7pm. $19.95.

Caesars Palace:  Fall of Atlantis – Before dropping from shopping, take a much needed break while at the Forum Shops and watch this mesmerizing spectacle of fire, water and 9 foot animatronic statues who recount the myth of Atlantis. Free shows daily 11am to 11pm, on the hour every hour.

Grand Canal Shoppes Venetian:  Experience Streetmosphere! Among the hustle and bustle of the shoppes you will watch street entertainers, Italian folk musicians, jugglers on stilts, livings statues and live opera – all free performances in St. Mark’s Square 10am to 10pm daily. Be sure to visit the magnificent Palazzo Waterfall Atrium and Gardens while you’re there as well. Open 24 hours.

Bally’s:  Swarovski Starburst – Every night is New Year’s Eve at Bally’s! Nightly at 9pm and midnight this sparkling crystal-bedazzled starburst drops 55 feet from above the Grand Bazaar Shops in a magical light display. Just like a fairytale. 

Flamingo:  Wildlife Habitat – Displayed on 15 acres of lush gardens and waterfalls, the delicate Chilean flamingos, parrots, ducks, swans turtles, koi and two rescued brown pelicans are cared for lovingly and here for your viewing pleasure. Two live feedings every day. Free and open daily 8am to 8pm.

Mirage:  The world famous Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Weekdays 11am to 5pm and weekends 10am to 5pm. Come face-to-face with some of nature’s most exotic and majestic creatures. You can paint or practice yoga with the bottlenose dolphins, be a trainer for a day, or just visit and admire the white tigers, white lions and leopards in a lush and serene environment. Be sure to see the two new babies! $22 for adults.

Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah:  See how the other 1% live in this hidden world of opulence that is Wayne Newton’s home. You never know when he might pop out and say HI! Just recently opened to the public in September 2015. Gold ($35), Platinum ($49) and Diamond ($95) tours ranging from 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours in length. Located 4 miles off the Strip.

Westgate:  Graceland Presents Elvis! – Elvis never really did leave the building apparently. This exhibit is housed in the Westgate, formerly known as the International, where Elvis had his long standing residency. The man, the legend, the King. The first, permanent Elvis exhibition featuring hundreds of artifacts from life in Tupelo to Hollywood to Las Vegas, that have never before been displayed outside of Graceland. Daily 10am to 9pm. Located in the Northtower and tickets are $26.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign:  Who wouldn’t want to have their photo taken next to this iconic 1959 neon sign? Just south of Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip and a 12-car parking lot for your ease and convenience.

Well boys and girls, cats and kittens, there you have it. Las Vegas. One of the most exciting cities in the world. Always buzzing, evolving, expanding, creating and certainly never dull. Something for everyone. I hope this list sheds a little light on all the wonders and fun to be had in Sin City. 

Now get out and enjoy yourselves! 

Peppermill Fireside Lounge: Now THIS is a Lounge


Here, securely tucked away in an unassuming spot along Las Vegas Boulevard, you will find the mother ship of all 70’s lounges. The Fireside Lounge, located inside of the Peppermill Restaurant, is the epitome of a classic disco-era bar. Time may be flying by just outside the front door, but once you step inside, you can ease back and get your groove on with no concept of time whatsoever. Just imagine that when the Peppermill opened on December 26 1972, it stood across the street from the still dazzling Stardust Casino and Hotel as well as the Folies Bergère (hmmmm this could be one reason for the sensually tantalizing vibe) with customers such as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis! Yes, a lot has changed since then but this poster child of time-warp hero coffee shops and lounges is still standing proud and thriving. Walking through the doors of The Peppermill and you are lovingly enveloped into the breezy freewheeling world of yesteryear dining. Spacious booths, fake ficus trees, marble walls, mirror-ceiling and a fabulously old school counter. Hello Classic Vegas! A small wall of vintage photos can be found just outside the door to the Fireside Lounge. Check it out! Note to self: savor the full meal experience here next time! Unfortunately I had no idea the level of awesomeness I was about to encounter or I would have shown up on an empty stomach.



Continue through the doors to the lounge and you have entered a swanky dimly-lit world of red velvet, secluded cushioned seating and of course, what else, a fire pit. This neon lust-filled room is warm, inviting and seductive with a groovalicious variety of tunes playing and plasma video screens to compliment. Sitting there, soaking in the energy while listening to Michael McDonald and James Ingram sing “Yah Mo B There,” equals perfection in my book.



Friendly cocktail waitresses decked out in black floor-length, low cut gowns gracefully glide their way through the lounge and will kindly offer suggestions if you’re having a hard time deciding what to imbibe. And my waitress picked a winner indeed! The Chocolate Chip Cookie. Vodka, ice cream, chocolate sauce and maybe even a touch of Sin City fairy dust. Deeeeeelishhhhh! Look how sexy my cocktail looks under the red lights!

I’m not sure I could pick a more ideal lounge for myself or anyone else. Laid back. Smooth tunes. Low lights. Fire pit. Stiff and tasty cocktails. Finger lickin’ good late night snacks. Fast and friendly 24-hour service. Easy parking. Comfy seating. I think I’m in love. Peppermill Fireside Lounge Las Vegas. Can ya dig it? Right on!

Fremont Street Las Vegas: The Strip’s Older Sassier Sister


It is almost impossible to think about how many times I’ve been to Vegas and the countless attempts to get downtown to check out the Fremont Street experience before I actually did it!  The new additions, activities and attractions in this part of town have really helped to magically revitalize and restore what had at one time become a rather run down and undesirable part of Las Vegas, into a bustling and edgier flip side to The Strip.  


Snap away on your iphone as you pass the countless tantalizing vintage neon signs, stop in at one of the oodles of souvenir shops to buy a trinket or two, take a moment to watch the talents of the unusual street performers, and be sure to grab some takeout from the best Thai food around at Le Thai to fuel up as you continue on down the yellow brick road. Before making a U-turn, be sure to check out Container Park (an incredibly cool and unique outdoor entertainment, dining & shopping complex made out of massive repurposed shipping containers!!) and the giant fire shooting preying mantis out front… I could watch that thing all night long!

Give a wave, a shout out and a roll of the dice at any of the old school classic casinos such as: Las Vegas’ first ever major hotel/casino resort El Cortez (1941), Binions (of Benny Binion fame, 1951), Fremont Hotel and Casino (1956), 4 Queens (1966), and of course the infamous Golden Nugget (1946) which is looking GOOD these days, before gathering around for the main event… a Viva Vision Light Show.





These 6 minute shows run every hour on the hour generally from 6pm to 1am and you can look up from just about anywhere and savor this experience for yourself on the 1500 foot long screen that is angled 90 feet above the ground with over 12 million lights making up this artistic collage of melting and pulsating designs that are set to the rhythm of the songs. The sound system is other worldly. The colors are deep and vivid. Totally mesmerizing.



If you have never experienced this, OH ARE YOU IN FOR A PSYCHEDELIC TREAT and if you have, just remember there are a handful of different light (and song) shows each night to completely satisfy your eyes, ears and musical soul such as The Doors, The Who, Heart, Bon Jovi to name a few. So far my favorites are The Who and The Doors. “People Are Strange” will BLOW YOUR MIND.  And one last note to those thrill seekers in the crowd, you can buckle up and take a wild ride on the SlotZilla Zip Line and zoom THROUGH the light show itself. What a trip this place is! Gotta love it! VIVA LAS VEGA$$!