Peppermill Fireside Lounge: Now THIS is a Lounge


Here, securely tucked away in an unassuming spot along Las Vegas Boulevard, you will find the mother ship of all 70’s lounges. The Fireside Lounge, located inside of the Peppermill Restaurant, is the epitome of a classic disco-era bar. Time may be flying by just outside the front door, but once you step inside, you can ease back and get your groove on with no concept of time whatsoever. Just imagine that when the Peppermill opened on December 26 1972, it stood across the street from the still dazzling Stardust Casino and Hotel as well as the Folies Bergère (hmmmm this could be one reason for the sensually tantalizing vibe) with customers such as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis! Yes, a lot has changed since then but this poster child of time-warp hero coffee shops and lounges is still standing proud and thriving. Walking through the doors of The Peppermill and you are lovingly enveloped into the breezy freewheeling world of yesteryear dining. Spacious booths, fake ficus trees, marble walls, mirror-ceiling and a fabulously old school counter. Hello Classic Vegas! A small wall of vintage photos can be found just outside the door to the Fireside Lounge. Check it out! Note to self: savor the full meal experience here next time! Unfortunately I had no idea the level of awesomeness I was about to encounter or I would have shown up on an empty stomach.



Continue through the doors to the lounge and you have entered a swanky dimly-lit world of red velvet, secluded cushioned seating and of course, what else, a fire pit. This neon lust-filled room is warm, inviting and seductive with a groovalicious variety of tunes playing and plasma video screens to compliment. Sitting there, soaking in the energy while listening to Michael McDonald and James Ingram sing “Yah Mo B There,” equals perfection in my book.



Friendly cocktail waitresses decked out in black floor-length, low cut gowns gracefully glide their way through the lounge and will kindly offer suggestions if you’re having a hard time deciding what to imbibe. And my waitress picked a winner indeed! The Chocolate Chip Cookie. Vodka, ice cream, chocolate sauce and maybe even a touch of Sin City fairy dust. Deeeeeelishhhhh! Look how sexy my cocktail looks under the red lights!

I’m not sure I could pick a more ideal lounge for myself or anyone else. Laid back. Smooth tunes. Low lights. Fire pit. Stiff and tasty cocktails. Finger lickin’ good late night snacks. Fast and friendly 24-hour service. Easy parking. Comfy seating. I think I’m in love. Peppermill Fireside Lounge Las Vegas. Can ya dig it? Right on!


Cleopatra’s Barge Caesars Palace: Dance Like an Egyptian


Cleopatra’s Barge in Caesars Palace. A true icon and staple in Las Vegas nightlife. No cover. Sensational live bands covering all the best dance music you could ever want to shake your booty to. And you’re dancing…on a barge…docked inside the world famous luxurious Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas! Too cool! Stopped in on a whim after singing along at the concert of the eternally sexy and adorable Rod Stewart in the Colosseum on a Saturday night and we ended up dancing the rest of the night away!
Miraculously found an empty table right by the door, excellent dark red lighting for optimal Egyptian beauty , incredible sound system for such a small place, the high energy band playing on stage was seriously awesome (!!), the DJ who spun records in between sets was fabulous and the people watching was phenomenal as always! You really do get ALL KINDS in Vegas.
My sister and I shook our groove thangs as they played hit after hit and the cocktails were STRONG and oh so tasty! What more could you want out of a night out?
I am a huge fan of “lobby” entertainment in Las Vegas versus the big thumping nightclubs, overcrowded with barely-21 year olds. Not my scene. However, pick a lobby, any lobby and you will be sure to find entertainment that suits your late night needs, but be sure to keep Cleopatra’s Barge at the top of your list! Fantastic fun to be had here!


I left my heart in Sin City


Las Vegas…Sin City…City of Lights…Divorce Capital of the World…The City of Second Chances….Luck be a lady tonight…however you want to refer to it, this city shines like no other!

Hello…. My name is Sally….and I LOVE LAS VEGAS! Not sure where the cool factor is at on admitting this, but I’m confident enough in who I am to stand up for how I feel. It’s been a long, slow-brew relationship, but I would say it has definitely reached the stage of love. There is something incredibly sexy about the lights, the sounds, the sheer insanity, the excessive over-the-top energy pulsing through the streets, it’s oh so electrifying and contagious! Las Vegas has changed so much in the years since I first started visiting, which can be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing, but I always find myself enraptured by each new attraction as well as feeling that childlike excitement when I come across something from the old days of Sin City. All the gambling, dancing, dining, drinking, swimming, socializing, shopping, strolling, pampering, exploring, entertainment of every kind and then some, and if nothing else, good old-fashioned people watching! And thank the Lord Baby Jesus, since its beginnings in 1905, Vegas still maintains its status as the ultimate adults-only playground, which makes it even all the more desirable! And the icing on the cake…time and age are of no consequence here. Now that’s my kinda town!

Take your pick from the fabulously monstrous casino/hotels that line this 4.2 mile stretch of road famoulsly referred to as The Strip: MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay at one end, ALLLLLL the way down to The Wynn and Stratosphere at the opposite end. And as you continue your walk on the wild side, you will find yourself on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, which is a whole other universe in and of itself. The parade of neon signs, classic old timers such as Binion’s, the El Cortez and Golden Nugget, not to mention the nightly Fremont Street Experience light and music show. Have you ever walked THE ENTIRE STRIP? Do it sometime. The optical illusion met by the thought “it’s only a couple blocks away. I can see it from here.”

People come here from all over the world, escaping to this city to indulge in…whatever floats their boat. If you can imagine it, it can happen in Vegas. I have seen countless shows and concerts, comedians, magicians, Cirque du Soleils, all of them utterly fantastic. Watching a concert from inside the wave pool at the Mandalay Bay Beach Resort and then heading inside to the casino to play some roulette. Dancing the night away to the DJ with strangers in close quarters at Rouge Lounge inside the MGM after a concert at the Garden Arena. Renting a cabana at the pool of the Paris Hotel and Casino with a group of friends and spending the day lounging, laughing, eating and drinking poolside while ogling behind dark sunglasses. Watching the majestic dancing waters of the Bellagio Fountain. Sky rocketing up to the stars on a roller coaster or waving hello to them from a pod in the High Roller. Visiting an aquarium or shark reef. Strolling through downtown and stepping back in time as you wander through the surviving casinos of yesteryear, playing the slot machines at El Cortez where you can actually still pull the handle, perusing through vintage historical photos in the poker room of Binions, checking out the always outrageous street performers on Fremont Street. Stopping in the Golden Nugget for some pampering complete with catered snacks and bevvies. Spending the day exploring the depths and wonders of The Mob Museum, snapping millions of photographs at the Neon Boneyard or enjoying game after game at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Take a trip through the unassuming doors of downtown’s Golden Steer restaurant which has been serving savory delights with class to the likes of the Rat Pack, Elvis, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe since 1958 and treat yourself to a  genuinely exquisite old school meal with 5-Star service. There is something for everyone here; never a shortage of deliciously wild, indulgent and/or devilish activities to choose from, it’s just a matter of what you’re looking for. It warms my heart to see this city bustling once again after the Great Recession. Busy streets, busy casinos, sold out shows, that’s the way Vegas should be!! The ever changing, morphing creativity and ingenuity of this city truly boggles my mind. It must be respected, if not loved. My Grandpa, the King of the Imperial Palace, must be one happy camper watching all the action from up above sitting back in his lounge chair in the sky. Viva Las Vegas and may the ghosts of the past always be there to retain the character and foundation this city was built upon.


Rouge Lounge in the MGM is one of THE BEST places to boogie down to a DJ in town.


The Mob Museum…my latest Las Vegas crush. This fascinating experiential museum will blow you away! A must-see on every visit to Vegas! Learning about the underworld can be great fun!


Who could visit Vegas without thinking about the infamous Rat Pack? They ruled this town back in the day. The Kings of Cool.


MGM Garden Arena is an excellent venue for large scale concerts. Not a bad seat in the house!


The Golden Steer…what a GOLD MINE of Las Vegas history. Everyone who was anyone ate here at one time or another. This is Elvis’ favortie booth that he would sit at while having dinner between shows down The Strip at the International. I honestly don’t know which is better..the food or the ambiance!?


The Pinball Hall of Fame is one of THE COOLEST places to spend an afternoon in Vegas. It’s a museum of the world’s largest pinball collection where you not only view games as old as 1948, but you get to play them as well! All revenues go to non-denominaitonal charities. How cool is that? This is Mike, he volunteers his time here all for the love of the game and he is standing in front of the first pinball machine he ever purchased, back in Atlantic City. What a great guy! What a fantastically fun place!


Downtown Las Vegas…jam packed with vintage neon, casinos, and more!


Ultimate inconic Las Vegas neon!


Neon heaven in Downtown Las Vegas!


My one and only real weakness in the casinos…the one armed bandit! GOD HOW I LOVE THESE THINGS! I sure do miss the days of being able to pull the arm AND watch your coins fall out of the bottom! LOVE IT!


Las Vegas history is unbelievably interesting. The good, the bad and the ugly. So cool!


A neon photo fanatic’s dream!



Can you just feel the energy?



Golden Nugget…a real classic!


Neon on Fremont Street


Benny Binion…need I say more?


The Fremont Street Experience light and music show. One of the trippiest, coolest uses of today’s cutting edge technology. The Doors’ show was outta sight!


One of the many interesting street performers along Fremont Street. He was dressed as a member of the band KISS. Love the boots…


Las Vegas early days…what a town!


The Strip…creativity and engineering at its finest.


A vintage slot machine displayed at The Mob Museum


You just never know who you might run into while you’re in Las Vegas!


Mandalay Bay Beach summer concerts are THE COOLEST way to see a show. EVER. You can sip on a beer or cocktail while frolicking in the resort’s wave pool or on the sandy beach. Doesn’t get much cooler than that, does it?


The Golden Steer Restaurant, a Las Vegas fixture since 1958. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You will not be disappointed!


Pampering your pup and your dogs at the same time…only in Vegas!


Art and magic… everywhere you look…


Insider Tip: check out the bands that play in the lobby bars..they are THE BEST! This one was at Mandalay Bay. They had a packed dance floor all night long. Awesome fun!


Time to start planning my next visit. Las Vegas...who loves ya baby?

Time to start planning my next visit. Las Vegas…who loves ya baby?

.38 Special: Still Rockin’ into the Night

.38 Special rocked us into the night at Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas on August 10, 2014

.38 Special rocked us into the night at Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas on August 10, 2014

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ classic southern fried rock? I was on my last night of a 3-night music binge weekend in Vegas and what better way to bring it to a close than with .38 Special? The venue: Eastside Cannery off the Boulder Highway near Henderson. I have never been to this part of Vegas before and it has a completely different vibe than the Strip or Downtown but all seemed copasetic, easy to find, plentiful parking, albeit a tad off the radar. The room filled up with bikers, long-hairs, and generally down to earth, average dudes and dudettes while ZZ Top tunes blasted through the sound system. No pretensions, no 20-something hipsters, no thugs, I was digging it. .38 Special has still got it and I was happily surprised at how well preserved they are musically.

Belting out hit after hit...I was a happy camper!

Belting out hit after hit…I was a happy camper!

I love and respect bands that play all the hits the crowd wants to hear. I mean after all, isn’t that what we pay for when we spend our hard earned money on concert tickets? The hits just kept rolling in one after another. “Rockin’ Into the Night,” “Back Where You Belong,” “Fantasy Girl,” “Like No Other Night,” “Back to Paradise,” just for starters. And wow!! They played every one of my personal faves “Second Chance,” “Like No Other Night,” “If I’d Been the One,” “So Caught Up in You.” This never happens to me at concerts anymore! I was PSYCHED! And of course, no .38 Special concert would be complete without a crowd singing along to “Hold on Loosely” followed by the finale with a hard rockin’ version of “Traveling Band.” What a show! These guys know how to rock! Apparently I am a much bigger .38 Special fan that I realized… I knew almost every single song they played and by some form of magic, the lyrics were flying out of my mouth as well! There is something really comforting about being at a show and rocking out with a crowd who were all born before 1980. Why haven’t I made it a priority to see these guys in concert until now? They were fantastic! The only thing I would have changed, is seeing them at a bigger, perhaps outdoor venue. And now, to close with a few words of wisdom. Hold on loosely…but don’t let go…if you cling too tightly…you’re gonna lose control.

And usually it’s too late when you…realize what you had!

Jake Owen: Beachin’ It at Mandalay Bay, August 9, 2014



Let me take you on an enchanting journey. Picture this. Hot summer night in August in the middle of the desert. Temperature is still over 100 degrees. A sexy country singer on stage decked out in hot pink board shorts and a Tshirt. People around you wearing shorts, no shoes and ……swimsuits swaying and singing along to the music. “Wait. Where the hell am I?” you think to yourself as you take another sip of your double vodka mango lemonade. “Is that a wave that just crashed against the top of my thighs?” Hell yes it is!! You’re at a Jake Owen concert in the resort’s giant wave pool at the Mandalay Bay Beach in Las Vegas, baby!!

Jake was as easy going and friendly with the crowd as always. He seemed genuinely psyched to have been asked to play this incredibly cool venue and he was going to make sure everyone had a good time. He opened the show with “Beachin,” (but of course, right??), as well as showering us with “Anywhere with you,”Alone with You,” and a fun filled “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” sprinkled with a cover of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” as we all chanted along with those Will Smith lyrics that are permanently etched into our brains.
Jake could have been singing show tunes for all I cared, I still would’ve had the best time ever. How much cooler does it get? I mean really?! I cracked up as he called people out for getting frisky in the pool, and spotlighted the one lifeguard up in her chair who was so nonchalantly taking in this whole scene from above.
The Mandalay Bay Beach venue is beyond comparison, getting to play in the hotel’s ginormous wave pool, or hanging out on the beach if that’s more your style, really nice staff, (though incredibly long lines for beer and cocktails), unbelievably well behaved crowd and plenty of lifeguards on duty in case anyone got carried away on a wave. This was one big wet country music bash.






Justin Timberlake: MGM Garden Arena, August 8, 2014


Justin Timberlake. The world’s most loved Mouseketeer since Annette Funicello. Everyone’s favorite member of NSYNC. And there he was last night, in all his glory, at the MGM Garden Arena to grace us with his many blessings on his 20/20 Experience Tour.
Let me start by saying, hands down, this guy is one multi-talented, handsome, witty, entertaining and all around good natured Southern Boy. He has a voice that rivals the best of the best, past and present. And clearly, his fans love him, scratch that, they absolutely crave him.

While I really couldn’t say even one actual negative thing about Mr. Timberlake or his show, I will say this, watching a performer who is idolized for who he is by his fans, is a lot different than watching a show where the crowd idolizes the music itself. Justin’s fans desperately ache for him. In a way, it would be like watching Elvis Presley perform as women are passing out, screaming their heads off and going totally bananas for Elvis himself. (Which of course, I would have been one of the many.) Justin, as an individual, is an idol to his fans. It’s not that he doesn’t write some fantastic songs, because he is a talented musician without any doubt. But last night the energy was clearly out of obsessive love FOR JUSTIN. If that makes any sense at all?

The show seemed a bit overproduced and scripted at times, almost like his lines were “Are you ready to party, (insert city name here)?!??” “(Insert city name here), are you ready for more?!?!???” Somewhat mechanical at times in my opinion. He told the crowd twice, “What happens in Vegas, everyone should know about,” as if he were reminding us all to be sure to post binge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just struck a strange chord with me. And please don’t take my words in the wrong way. I’m certainly not harshing on Justin’s talent or his fans. I dig him just like everyone else does… just doing my best to describe the scene from my perspective.

Justin is looking slightly beefed up (yummm!) and his footwork was as fancy as ever. This boy has got serious rhythm.
Some personal highlights of the show were a guitar-heavy “Cry Me a River,” beatbox style “Rock Your Body,” a superb rendition of “My Love,” a burning hot “Love Stoned,” and a soulful “Until the End of Time” on the piano with an arena lit up by cell phones (made me miss the old days of LIGHTERS).
The crowd went absolutely nutso to Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and Kool & The Gang’s “Jungle Fever,” but I about flipped my lid when he started in on Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison”… OMG … AWESOME!!
“Suit and Tie” was the first taste of dessert and “Sexy Back” was over the top! The laser show throughout was impressive but during this song, it transported me right to the club.
Off the hook.
While the show overall didn’t totally blow me away, it was truly excellent, Justin sounded just as good as I would’ve imagined, his band and dancers were spectacular and the crowd was clearly in a frenzied state of mania. Let the groove get in you…