Weekend Update: August 1-3, 2014


And the sun goes down on another outstanding weekend. Ahhhhh….

My weekends here in LA quickly gained status as my oxygen, my saving grace from a weekday existence at a job that is shall we say, less than ideal, therefore I decided early on to take the high road and turn each of my weekends into sensational mini vacations of exploration, discovery and fun all over Southern/Central California as well as Las Vegas. My weekend posts are therapeutic for me and hopefully for you as well if you are in need of a virtual escape from the stresses of your life wherever you are. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! This weekend was a good mix of activity that fed the mind and soul. Friday night was the REO Speedwagon and Chicago concert at the Greek Theatre and Saturday night was the Arcade Fire experience at the LA Forum (both reviews are here on my blog). Saturday I took a leisurely bike ride along the beach soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean as well as paying a visit to my favorite street musician. Always a good time and so rejuvenating. Sunday we decided to get out and explore the LA neighborhood of Los Feliz. I hung out in this area back in the early/mid 90’s(!!) at the world famous Dresden Room (of course, who didn’t??) but haven’t spent any substantial amount of time there since. What a Sunday treat! Started our adventure at Barnsdall Art Park, perused the Rodin exhibit (awesome!) at the Municipal Art Gallery and got some background on the gallery from the extremely friendly curator. Unfortunately, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, which he built in 1919 for an oil heiress, is closed for renovations so we could only see it from the outside. I can only imagine the intricate splendor as per usual Frank Lloyd Wright and I look forward to a tour in the near future. The views from this park are spectacular! Looking out, above Los Angeles and up at the Griffith Park Observatory and Hollywood sign. Such iconic symbols of this city! So glad we stopped here!


The LA Forum…my new favorite large indoor venue!


Redondo Beach is such a fantastic and family-friendly beach. Sadly, no dogs allowed on the sand in LA County.


One of dozens of fabulous ocean front properties in LA’s South Bay.


This friendly character hangs out at Redondo Beach Pier and sings his littler heart out. He is actually really good and an incredibly nice person as well!


Barnsdall Art Park … spectacular history filled park with outstanding views.


Entrance to the Hollyhock House, built in 1919 by Frank Lloyd Wright for an oil heiress in Los Angeles.


Rodin exhibit at the Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park. Spectacular!


One of many of Rodin’s etchings … seems as though he likes the human body from a sensual perspective.


Loved the views from atop Barnsdall Park near Los Feliz in Los Angeles. Hollywood sign to the left and Griffith Observatory to the right. Awesome!

On to Los Feliz Village. Insider tip: you can park behind Dresden Room for as long as you want for $4! Three city blocks of eclectic and Euro-feeling sidewalk cafés, boutiques, shoppes, a movie theatre, newsstand and a smattering of bars. A few noteworthy observations: mostly really friendly and cool people. Not nearly as overrun by emo hipsters as I had feared. An exciting blend of old and new which is always encouraging. Highlights were Figaro Brasserie, Palermo, Skylight Books, Sumi’s and Los Feliz theatre. I got a real kick out of the store Y-Que as I chatted with the owner about Sea Monkeys and the good old days. I even bought an aquarium to take home with me. Why the hell not?? He reminded me that they are a life long commitment and he doesn’t want to see them down at the homeless shelter. Ha! I strolled over to The Punchbowl and chatted up the pressed juice barista. Such a cool chic. She hooked me up with some chocolate cashew milk. Well, when in Rome, right?? All the stores are worth taking a look-see and I was thoroughly entertained by the fact that Vintage EVERYTHING is still very much alive and well in Los Feliz Village. Purses, shoes, dresses, jewelry, memorabilia, vinyl, books and more. Love it! Always have, always will. We landed at il Capriccio on Vermont for a glass of vino and a salad. So delightful! And for dessert, we made it back to the West Side just in time for an epic sunset over the water. Life is good!! Really good. On the weekends anyway!


Just one of the 98723942874923847 vintage treasures to be found in the shoppes in Los Feliz Village.


Colorfully playful. Los Feliz Village.


Vintage dresses galore to be found in the boutiques of Los Feliz.


Relaxing after a hard day of having fun in Los Feliz. A glass of wine and a salad on the way at il Capriccio on Vermont. The world famous Dresden Room just across the street.


Books, books and more books at Skylight Books in Los Feliz.


Incredibly cool boutique, Sumi’s, in Los Feliz.


Figaro Brasserie … where all the cool people are seen sitting at the sidewalk tables. Maybe next time.


Sea Monkey Aquarium purchased at Y-Que. Can’t wait to meet my new little friends!!


The Punchbowl serves up cold pressed juices, smoothies, shakes and gourmet milks, all with a smile!


Vintage chic will never die … at least in Los Feliz! Love it!


I can’t think of a better way to end my weekend than to take in this view. Manhattan Beach, CA.