Happy Trails to You – Day 8 


Such a fine time in Santa Fe. The laid back, friendly people, the feel of Southwestern America and the scenery all etched in my memory. 

Driving along 40 West. Sweeping views. Open space. I’m in for a real shock upon my return to Los Angeles in a few days. I could never tire of this scenery. I really do love being on the road. 

Decided I must make a stop in Gallup, New Mexico (thanks to the Route 66 song I had playing on “repeat” in my head all day). 

A quaint yet mystifying little town along historic Route 66. 

Gallup Coffee Company. The tastiest cherry Italian soda ever and a helpful tip to stop by Richardson’s Trading Post. 

I took a short stroll along Historic Route 66. Main Street of American history.

Just glad to be out of the car and stretching his legs a bit. And many new smells to investigate. 

Celebrating 104 years in business. The Granddaddy of all Trading Posts. Exquisite Native American jewelry and leather goods. I saw a pair of creamer colored leather moccasins that looked incredible. 

How lucky for me that I got to meet the owner who happily and readily agreed to have his picture taken. Happy 98th Birthday to you, Bill Richardson! What an inspiration! You have built quite an empire and legacy as well. And from what I can tell, you are a well loved and respected member of the community. 

So many trading posts to peruse. I picked up a beaded necklace here and shared Yorkie stories with the owner. 

Found my way to Trip Advisor’s top pick of things to do in Gallup. 

Bill Malone and his Yorkie, Bentley. Had a great conversation with him and his son in law Brandon about the area, history and a little background on the local Navajo tribe. Such knowledgable and down to earth guys. I’ll be back for that dog collar, Bill! 

The Native American culture fascinates me. 

Opened in 1937, this historic Route 66 Hotel served as a temporary home to many Hollywood celebrities including Ronald Reagan and John Wayne. As a result of Interstate 40 construction starting in the mid 1950’s, Route 66 and its businesses fell into great decline. We are very lucky that people like Armand Ortega acquire and restore these enchanting historic properties, and preserving precious Americana history. 

Ortega’s Restaurant where I ordered some cheese enchiladas for the road. Muy bueno! 

And on to Winslow to find that special corner. 

Well, I’m a-standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…Such a fine sight to see! 

What a funtastic store. Everything Route 66 you could ever imagine… and then some. So many cool road trip books to choose from. And Eagles’ music playing nonstop. What’s not to love?

My new found buddy Philomeno who was kind enough to share so much fascinating history of the area, local tribes (he is a member of the Hopi tribe), interesting factoids about the historic La Posada Hotel, railroad, museum, and the totem pole story. Not to mention getting me help to find my way to Prescott before dark without too many windy roads. Thank you for being awesome Philomeno!

The railroad plays such a key role in the history of America. A real treasure. 

According to my source, Philomeno, a Russian artist designed and built one totem pole in every state depicting symbols for each tribe local to that area, in honor of his love and respect for the Native American people. And Arizona’s is right in the middle of Winslow. How cool for me! Thanks again, my friend! 

Opened in 1930 at the direction of Fred Harvey and designed by the famed architect Mary Colter, La Posada was the shining star of the Southwest. Considered Colter’s all time masterpiece. As the highways took over the need for railroads and Route 66 slid into decline, the hotel eventually closed in 1957. After nearly 40 years of dilapidation, the once magnificent La Posada landed on the endangered Historic Places list. Thankfully in 1994 it was purchased by Allan Affeldt and his artist wife Tina Mion, for $1 from the rail road itself and put an additional $12 million into restoration efforts. With the help of old photographs and local historians, they were able to return much of this hotel to its original splendor, and even better. Once again, La Posada is standing tall, proud and beautiful over Winslow, Arizona. 

After realizing an oversight in my timing, I hit the road with the pedal to the metal in order to get to Prescott before dark. 

How I love the open road. 

Getting closer as the sun is setting. Delicate pink clouds in the sky as daylight fades. 

The Arizona sun setting on another incredible day. 

And here we are! The Motor Lodge in Prescott. It was love at first sight. Look at that neon! 

Owner operators Brian Spear and Joe Livingston took possession of these run down and neglected 1936 summer cabins in 2008 and with their own blood, sweat and tears have turned this into a precious, modern yet vintage, quaint and cozy boutique motel that you can call home during your stay here in the Prescott area. The individual cottages are artistically and flawlessly decorated. So crisp, clean and playful. The history and stories Brian has about the trials and tribulations of restoring the Motor Lodge are both heart breaking and heart warming. These underdogs have deservedly won the jackpot. I’m so happy we get to spend two nights here! Thanks for the warm welcome Brian. Can’t wait to get acquainted!

The added personal touch puts them over the top in welcoming hospitality. Why can’t I stay for 2 weeks? 

Private carports for each cottage, equipped with bikes to cruise the area if you so wish. 

Took a star lit stroll down the street at the suggestion of Brian at the Motor Lodge and landed here at the Barley Hound for dinner with my little guy Elliott. What a perfect stop for a light dinner after a long day of road travel. So friendly to me and my dog Elliott. Sensational food and cocktail menu.

Be sure to try one of the “jar” appetizers. I chose the hummus and it was just right. The lighting and presentation say it all. My server Laney was tops. So sweet and down to earth. 

Once again on the walk home I was overwhelmed by the amount of stars lighting my way. You can see the entire galaxy from here. So beautiful! Light pollution in Los Angeles makes this kind of viewing impossible. It was truly a star-tacular evening! 

Perfect ending to a marvelous day. Hello Prescott. So nice to meet you! 


6 thoughts on “Happy Trails to You – Day 8 

  1. Barbara

    While in Prescott (if still there), look up Antonius Glass Studio (Jim Antonius)- does really nice glass art work – hand blown, etc. Some pretty cool stuff! Not sure if he has a shop in town….but I’m thinking people will know of his work.


  2. Anna Overley

    I’m getting back on the Sally Express and living vicariously through your eyes and your wonderful words. Love the Motor Lodge…super cute. I’m so excited to read about your next adventure. Awesome job Sally! I’m ready to head for AZ and NM! Thanks for the wonderful tips!

    Liked by 1 person

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