Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind – Day 5


Nothing wildly spectacular to report, but a rather marvelous day nonetheless. It’s summer time. I’m on vacation. And I don’t have a packed agenda. All good things. 

I did have to take care of a little business this morning (bleh), BUT look who I ran into! 

That’s right! My Daddy! Sheriff Arnie Miller. Best damn Sheriff Arapahoe County will ever see. God rest his soul. Hi Dad!!! 

Got to spend the afternoon with this enjoyable young lady, my little neighbor friend Laura. I love being her surrogate Auntie and spending time together. She is growing up so fast, just turned 12! We took Elliott down to our favorite neighborhood park, complete with a petting zoo and train. Oh how I love this place! Such a gorgeous park. A life time of memories here for me, actually dating back to when I was a baby. 

Oh to be a kid again and spend summer vacations playing at the park. Priceless. 

A certain furry someone was very happy to be here today.

On high alert. Barking at the creek and loving every minute of it. 

Perhaps he was looking for tadpoles and crawdads? He was so curious! Adorable! 

A late summer afternoon at the park. Soul quenching. 

And it just happens to be National Dog Day today. Hooray for dogs everywhere, but especially my baby boy, Elliott. You are so very loved, my little man. 

An early evening visit from my friend (and guitar virtuoso) Miguel. He got a kick out of my very petite soprano ukulele. Tuned it and then played some tunes for me. Really pleasant visit full of good and positive vibrations.  

We had front row seating for this evening’s sunset. Divine, isn’t it? And this view is all mine to share here at the bungalow. 

Received an S.O.S. text from neighbor Rian who had to burn the midnight oil at work, asking if I could go check in on his furry children. What else would I rather be doing on this fine Friday night? Nothing, of course! 

For the next hour or so I hung out with these two kids. Gotta say, my best babysitting gig yet. Boog and Ellie. I don’t want to brag… buttttt I’m pretty sure they love me (and not just because I let them out, fed them and showered them with affection). 

Quite productive morning and a long lazy, luscious afternoon and evening. I’ll gladly take it… with gratitude. And that’s a wrap! Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Blowing Through the Jasmine in My Mind – Day 5

  1. Barbara

    Still following your trip…….sounded like a great day…..reminded me of childhood days playing on the railroad tracks, in the woods, parks and just not being afraid to be a kid!!!! Why weren’t you playing the uke?


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