Hummingbirds, Land Art and Old Friends – Day 3  


Spent the morning basking in the glorious Utah sunshine. I took Elliott for a walk around the property and it really is beautiful out here in Green River. So small. So quiet. So peaceful. 

I found a nice seat on the outdoor patio where I could eat my made to order brekkie that was served by Carlos, a super star employee at the River Terrace Inn. His friendly, outgoing and helpful nature totally made up for the lackluster welcome I received upon arrival to an empty front desk where I waited for over 10 minutes for someone to appear in order to check me in the night before. But I digress. As I enjoyed my tasty eggs, toast and hashbrowns I had the pleasure of watching scads of hummingbirds fly up to the feeders placed around the patio. What a treat! I love those magical little creatures. They always remind me of Tinkerbell! 

Thanks to a little help from my new found friend Carlos, I journeyed up a nearby dirt road to a hill where two magnificent land art installations can be found. Designed by Australian artist Andrew Rogers and financed by 89 year old Seattle resident, school teacher and railroad fanatic, Herbert Steiner. “Ratio,” as it is called, is based on the Fibonacci sequence of mathematics. Steiner has an affinity for the solitude of open land he found in Green River and wanted to leave something for future generations to admire. “Ratio” was erected in 2011, while its new companion “Elements,” (meaning the four elements earth, wind, fire and water), came along in 2013. Interesting side note: “Ratio” is capped with 23-karat gold in order to reflect for miles away, as is one of the columns of “Elements.”  Brilliant! Thank you Mr. Steiner for these fascinating art sculptures you have gifted for all to see. 

Surprisingly cool things to see and do in Green River, Utah. Will head back again at some point for a deeper dive. Loved it! Who knew?? 

Today’s agenda only requires a short drive to Grand Junction, thankfully, as I think Elliott and I are growing a bit weary of the longer car rides at this point. 

Head straight for Two Rivers Winery in Grand Junction to meet up with Colin, my old pal from way back in junior high school. 

Between the delectable wine of Colorado’s Western Slope, crackers with fig and olive tapenade and entertaining conversation, time literally flew by. 

Took off from there for a quick stop at Colin’s place near the sensational Book Cliffs. Got introduced to his “laying” chickens, both of which Elliott seemed quite interested in. 

And the good times rolled on… To a (dog friendly) brewery in Palisade with a super cool vibe where I got acquainted with Colin’s gal pal Susan. Good time!

Stunning scenery is everywhere around you. Incredible! 

And last but certainly not least, dinner with Joanie and fam! I love this woman like a sister! I’ve known her forever as she was my older sister’s BFF in high school. She is one of my very favorite people on this earth and I adore time spent with her. Seated next to her is her adorable son, Ben, who is unbelievably tolerant of his parents eccentric (but lovable) ways. 

El Tapatio in Grand Junction is muy muy bueno! Giant portions of mouth watering authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Feast your eyes on the best chicken tortilla soup… Ever!

Pictured below is Joanie’s husband and all around dreamboat (and Fidel Castro’s doppelgänger) and comedian, Kent. And Colin decided to join us as well. What a meal! Surrounded by awesome old friends, delicious food and lots of storytelling and laughter. Loved it!  

Joanie would not divulge how, when or where she learned to tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue. Hot sultry Mamacita! 

Grand Junction was an extra stop planned specifically to bathe myself in the love and good vibes of old friends. Time with people like these folks is priceless and I’ll take whatever time I can get, whenever I can get it. Thank you Joanie, Kent, Ben and Colin for infusing your joy, love and free thinking into my soul. I am one exhausted (but happy) girl. Don’t ever pass up the journey for the destination. 


8 thoughts on “Hummingbirds, Land Art and Old Friends – Day 3  

  1. Soozer

    I never knew there was so much to see in Green River, Utah! Sounds like quite the pit stop to make.

    Happy to hear Grand Junction was so full of friends and fun!


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