Home Sweet Bungalow – Day 4 


Today was rather simple really. Had a delightful morning with Joanie hanging out at her charming abode and gardens in Grand Junction. Girl talk, catching up and general chitter chatter with my dear sweet friend. Truly nothing finer. 

Bob, is there something you’re trying  to tell us? 

It’s impossible not to fall in love with their two furry kids. Introducing (smiling) Bob. What a good natured kid he is! 

And (Kent’s favorite child), Murphy, who was just the right size to pal around with Elliott. 

It’s always bittersweet saying “so long for now” to my dear friends, but am forever grateful for the time I do get to spend with them, I just get greedy. Can’t help it. Such a wonderful micro visit to Grand Junction. Thank you Joanie and Kent for your hospitality and continued friendship. You simply can’t make old friends. And I cherish mine. 

Hit the road and made it to Denver in just under 4 hours. Not bad at all. Nothing major to report from the 248 mile drive on Eastbound I-70. Although in the interest of full disclosure, other than the scenery, mountain driving wears me out. Steep inclines, steep downhills, and endless sharp twists and turns. Pedal to the metal to get up the hills, hit the brakes driving down the big ones, getting stuck behind a slow car or semi truck in the left lane. Occasional lane closures. I’m sure you can relate. It’s much more intense driving than say a long stretch of open road through the desert. Just not really my cup of tea. But I made great time and without incident. And was so happy to see my precious bungalow!! LOOOK at her. Isn’t she adorable?? 

And Elliott wasted no time getting reacquainted with the yard. Your own grass feels even better, doesn’t it? 

Yard is fantastic! My Columbines look sensational as do my baby trees. Do you know how magnificent it is to stand on my own grass? In my own yard? Pretty damn magnificent! 

Elliott sat proudly on his old perch, looking out over the yard.

And we even had a visit from the Ice Cream Man. Hello! I’ll have a Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Taco and a Birthday Cake, please! Oh the simple things that make me a happy little girl. 

Neighbor Rian (aka Jedi Master dog trainer) stopped by with his two furry friends, Boog and Ellie to chew the fat for a while. Ahhh, so nice. It’s really awesome having cool neighbors. Who actually talk to you. By the way, look at my grass!! Not only is it MINE but look how lush and green it is! Holy WOW! This is not something I get to see where I live in LA. 

Little girl Ellie. Such a sweetheart!

And big boy Boog. Always the ham. 

Living in LA has its upsides (or I wouldn’t still be there), but nothing could ever compare to my own little bungalow. Even if only for a few days, I am so very happy to be here. And now kids, I’m off to dream land. Night night. Sleep tight! 


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