So Long Trump Tower, Hello Green River – Day 2


23 hours at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas and I was hooked. The relaxation theme continued with a super fun and delicious dinner of chicken pot pie pasties and conversation with my awesomely cool and generous Las Vegas friends Sue and Lisa, followed by a late night soak in the ginormous sunken jet tub before hitting the hay for some quality shut eye thanks to the luxuriously comfortable bed, linens and black out curtains. 

Was generously offered a complimentary late checkout of 1pm… So in typical Sally fashion I made the most of it. I lounged on the couch with my furry guy and read up on all things Las Vegas. I treated myself to another dip in the pool and a few rays of sunshine before making my way to the spa for a facial. Sublime. 

Listening to a little Ray Charles poolside this morning 

The Relaxation Lounge at the Trump Spa. So so nice.  

Enjoyed a mouthwatering caprese salad at the DJT restaurant before packing up our belongings. Trump Hotel should be noted as having some of THE best customer service I have experienced thusfar in Las Vegas. Absolutely outstanding from beginning to end. The bellman who transported my bags to my car was the icing on the cake. Fantastic!  I truly hated to leave, but will stay there again in a heartbeat. An A+ hotel experience. 

We hit the road at 1:30pm. I’ve made this drive many times and knew I was in for a treat. 

The 15 goes for 243 miles before hitting I-70 and heading east for another 160 miles. Pretty remote in most places, some small towns and even completely out of touch with all civilization for a 110-mile stretch, with truly spectacular open road scenery to behold. Sit back and enjoy the moment. 

Leaving Las Vegas

Entering Arizona just for a minute 

Just rollin’ with the flow

Entering Utah

A random Joshua Tree standing proud

The beauty of nothingness

The colors, the rock formations, spectacular 

The clouds only add to this work of art 

Southern Utah really is something to see 

One of my favorite viewing spots ever. The Salt Wash. 

Completely untouched 

God’s country 

The storms are a brewin’

I really hope we don’t hit whatever’s ahead 


Dramatic views of the storm 

Arriving into Green River Utah just as the sun is setting 

Well it ain’t the Trump International Hotel, but it’s the best in Green River. Clean, comfortable, safe. No serious complaints here. 

Perfectly acceptable accommodations 

Elliott says, “It’ll do” 

Headed over to Tamarisk Restaurant next door for some grub 

Native American fry bread with BBQ chicken. Could only finish half of this bad boy. 

A long day of driving, but we made it safe and sound and were bathed in the beauty of the open road and natural wide open spaces of Southern Utah.  Better than any day at the office, I’d say. 


6 thoughts on “So Long Trump Tower, Hello Green River – Day 2

  1. Soozer

    You have stayed EVERYWHERE in Las Vegas, so if you say Trump Tower is the best customer service in the city — I totally believe it! Glad you enjoyed the first day of your journey!


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