On the Road Again… Day 1


Hit the road this morning for what will be a 10-day road trip through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. A bit weary after an ultra busy weekend with an out of town guest. Thankful to have had the time with her but running low on energy as a result. 

Today’s destination: Las Vegas. Sin City. My town. 

I have never driven to Vegas from Los Angeles on a Monday, but I may need to start doing just that. I made miraculous time with no traffic jams and mostly clear sailing. What a dream!  And because I didn’t have to stress out about hellish traffic I was able to zone out and listen to some of the 5 million videos I’ve taken on my iPhone since January. Damn, I get to see some cool shows. If only every drive to and from Vegas could be this easy breezy and effortless. 

Arrived in exactly four hours and pulled up to the Trump International Hotel. All I can say so far is VERY NICE. Extravagant interior, excellent customer service at the valet and front desk, a nonsmoking establishment and very few children running amok. So far, so good! 

Was assigned a room on the 52nd floor with noteworthy views, impeccably crisp and clean, beautifully appointed and a full kitchen and sitting area to boot. What’s not to love? 

Currently decompressing at the pool. Mellow, cool, South Beach Miami vibe. Good tunes playing. No screeching kiddos splashing and causing a disruptive scene. Stiff Piña Colada in hand. Lounging around on a late summer afternoon in one of my most favorite cities.  All is good in the world.

Update: young boy in pool starts getting loud and rowdy. His father shut that shit down immediately. Let’s give that man a medal. Love it! 



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