Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah is a Diamond in the Desert 


I was intrigued when I heard that Wayne Newton was opening his beloved home to the public with a variety of tours to choose from, and as a Wayne Newton fan I knew that I would have to check it out in person. I was in Las Vegas over the 4th of July weekend with my mom, and my visit to Casa de Shenandoah became a reality.

Sticking with the them of gratitude and appreciation of stellar customer service, I would like to first give a few shout-outs to everyone involved in our time at Wayne Newton’s estate. They were absolutely first-rate, and all deserve a mention.

Evelyn worked tirelessly on the phone with me to coordinate a tour time with our hotel check out in order to make sure my precious doggy had a safe and cool place to stay while we toured the mansion. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we were able to come visit and even went as far as to ask her manager if they could create an earlier tour time slot JUST FOR US. Now THAT is good customer service.

Next up, guest services manager Senobia came out to introduce herself to us and explained there had been a mix-up with the payment credit card, and while we were more than happy to provide her with the credit card right then and there, she went ahead and comped our tour and apologized for the inconvenience and misunderstanding. WHAT? Who does that? She was so sweet and clearly makes customer service a top priority. Thank you kindly, Senobia!

Lastly, our tour guide Memo. He has to be the most adorable and fun tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was so informative, told fantastic and funny stories, shared juicy facts and tidbits, and was such a warm and down-to-earth guy. Wayne Newton is very lucky to have all three of these folks representing him at the Casa de Shenandoah. Outstanding!

I really enjoyed the short introduction video shown at the theatre inside the magnificently adorned gift shop and visitor center, as it gives you such a good sense of who Wayne is as a person. Great background and worthwhile film for all visitors to see. As for the mansion tour. It was simply brilliant. Completed in 1976, this modest 8700-square-foot mansion sits on 52 acres of beautiful open space, including several artesian wells which can be seen seen bubbling up in the lake. A number of guest houses, barns, stalls and arenas for his Arabian horses and a collection of exotic animals to boot. Oh and don’t forget the large number of peacocks that reside on the estate, and be sure to ask Memo to tell you the story about them getting inside the house.

Here’s my run down of some of the highlights from our tour. Carved wooden doors from Thailand and rare endangered wood used in the ceiling. Baccarat crystal everywhere you look (Wayne’s favorite), even on the door handles and original staircase railing. Artworks by Renoir, Van Gogh, Walter Keane and more. The exquisite Baccarat and Waterford crystal chandeliers. A rare antique billiard table from India complete with Baccarat crystal legs. Chinaware with 14-karat gold leaf, each piece designed and signed by Wayne himself. The sensational interior decoration of the sunken living room and the use of lapis. Oh the antiques! Don’t get me started on all of the beautiful antiques, including elegant Louis XV and XVI pieces. Be sure to have Memo show you the different security additions suggested to Mr. Newton by the FBI for the safety of his family. The floor-to-ceiling windows and the views of his lush landscape.

You can certainly feel Wayne’s presence and personal touch on everything in this beautiful abode. All the way down to his “man cave” (aka “red room”), master bedroom and daughter’s fairy-esque room. Loved every single detail, personal effect and photo. So fascinating to think of all the presidents, kings and other dignitaries who visited this home throughout the years.

Wayne Newton. A true entertainment legend and icon. What a talented and generous soul he is. Knighted three times,  admired by so many loyal fans and still entertaining crowds after all these years. How many other people are named after a city? Wayne Newton truly IS Mr. Las Vegas, and here’s to many more years of entertaining ahead! Danke schoen Mr. Newton for allowing us to visit your cherished home and estate. I can’t wait to go back for a different tour. In the meantime, I will proudly wear my new Wayne Newton t-shirt and spread the good word.


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