The Chopra Center: Spa Day for Your Soul 


Located on the spectacular grounds of La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad California, just north of San Diego, the Chopra Center should most definitely find its way your Short List. Beautiful, warm and inviting, inside and out. Sensational landscaping, Mediterranean architecture and glorious mosaic fountains surround you on this 400 acre lush mega resort. The valets, retail shop employees and Chopra Center staff were all so kind and professional! Top notch! 

I’ll be honest, the traffic getting to Carlsbad on the 5 is pretty hairy to say the least, BUT… once you arrive, your soul will be quenched with love, your spirit will be embraced with nonjudgment,   while your mind will be refreshed, inspired and reenergized. I’d say that’s a decent trade off, wouldn’t you? 

I arrived in time to attend a meditation class at 8:45 am, followed by the 10:00 am yoga class. Both lead by instructor Treloar. Such a true and lovely soul. Very calming and soothing in the meditation session. Then turning playful and whimsical in the yoga class. Calling each pose by its corresponding animal name, just loosening up and having fun for the sake of the young child who was attending her first yoga class. I loved “rowing boats”with her, chanting to the different colors of the rainbow and learning how to send love to others from our inner rainbow to theirs. Really fantastic teacher! I felt like a million bucks afterward. 

The young man in the bookstore (I don’t want to butcher his name? I think it started with a C?) was SO helpful and patient with me. Guiding me through the oils, necklaces and books as well as describing his take on the different meanings of Om. He even had me take a brief quiz of sorts to determine whether I’m more Pitta, Kapha, Or Vata. Can you guess which one? What an outstanding employee! 
I’ve been a fan of Deepak for quite some time now, with his wholistic approach to healing through body, mind and spirit. And I was truly impressed by his healing center, of course wishing I could spend more time there. But… I’ll happily take whatever I can get! The energy is so supportive and alluring. 

When I am finally discovered and become famous, I’ll spend at least one week at both the spa and healing center! Look at this place, would you? Sensational!

All fantasies aside, I do think it’s incredibly important to recognize that we all owe it to ourselves to continually expand our brains, nurture our souls and arouse our spirits. The Chopra Center definitely achieved all three. Namaste my friends. 


11 thoughts on “The Chopra Center: Spa Day for Your Soul 

  1. Annette

    Sally Miller beautifully written! And when you do become rich and famous, don’t forget about me. Love hearing about your adventures, I will live through you as I’m not able to travel much. Thank you for all your sharing


  2. Anna Overley

    This ranks much higher than Integratron wouldn’t you say? What a beautiful place and a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for sharing… I love living vicariously through your experiences!


    • Thanks Anna! Glad you liked it! I would say the two experiences were polar opposites. Neither one better than the other. Integratron was sheer adventure and mystery! While Chopra Center was like a decadent piece of chocolate cake while having your feet rubbed. 😬😬
      Both were fantastic! So happy you were there with me out in Landers! What a trip!


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