Here’s to Five-Star Service and Adult-Only Playgrounds 


Back in Vega$, again! This time for some 4th of July fun in the hot, hot sun. Everyone has their addiction and this town is one of mine. I chose to stay at the Mirage, as I think it’s pretty cool trying out all the hotels and experiencing them for myself first hand. Variety is the spice of life, right? 

While I had a sinfully fabulous time, as I always do, I want to focus on two major takeaways from my trip. Customer service and vacationing with children in Las Vegas. And while I’m sure the latter topic will only serve to annoy and irritate some readers, I feel strongly enough about it that I’m willing to take that chance. In the end, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I will proudly and unapologetically express mine. 

Not feeling up to the impending travel logistics nightmare guaranteed at LAX, I decided to drive to Sin City. By the grace of the Las Vegas traffic gods, I made it in under four hours (fantastic time from the LA coast, actually) and headed straight to the hotel in hopes of lucking out with an early check in. And here begins my rundown of what I witnessed as top notch customer service, which is most definitely becoming a lost art in today’s world. I do think each and every one in the list below are worth mentioning, as they all went out of their way to go above and beyond the average level of customer service one usually receives. From the young lady at the front desk who happily checked me in three hours early with a lovely room with a full pool view (thank you!) to the woman at the concierge desk who was so helpful when we needed our 311 and Garth Brooks concert tickets printed out, 

to the young man at the valet who shared with us the AWESOME insider tip that our paid valet ticket works at all the other MLife hotel valets (you’re a Rock Star!). On to the very sweet cleaning ladies on the 12th floor who hooked us up with extra lotions and shampoos, the retail shop employee who lead me over to one of the most spectacular blouses I’ve ever laid eyes on. Continuing with the front desk clerks who answered my calls with a cheerful “Hello Ms. Miller, how can I assist you?” and to the hardworking woman who delivered our lunch from The Pantry…all so very good at delivering five-star customer service. Really. I mean they were ideal representatives of what excellent customer service should be.  Very impressive, and definitely on par with what you see at Bellagio, Caesars and Wynn. It’s comforting to know that this is a town where exceptional customer service still matters. A lot. 

The reason I think this topic is blog-worthy is because there are so many instances today where you go to a restaurant, hotel or boutique and are met with such substandard customer service, it’s almost become the norm. So when I DO experience superb customer service I feel that those who deliver, deserve a shout out. I make it a point to give my return business and positive word of mouth to those people and businesses who actually place a high value on treating each customer as if they were royalty. And who doesn’t like to be treated like royalty? When we spend our hard earned money going somewhere or doing something I think it’s fair to expect a high quality of customer service. In terms of this topic, kudos to you, Mirage! Really nice job! 

Now… on the the topic of children in Las Vegas. 

My thoughts are as follows: Way, way, way, WAY too many toddlers and babies. Strollers EVERYWHERE. Backups at the valet while Mommies and Daddies unpacked their car seats, pack n’ plays, bags of toys, cartons of goldfish crackers, and ginormous diaper bags. Children being drug around at 1 IN THE MORNING on The Strip, through the CASINOS, and out at late night restaurants. Cranky, tired and unhappy kids who would rather be at home, in bed, or at the playground… anywhere except the action-packed Strip or less-than-wholesome Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Screaming, kicking, running and splashing everywhere at the pool as if they were at their local YMCA for swim lessons. I was told by a young man working at the towel desk that all too often he witnesses parents wrapping their children, including small babies, up in towels and leaving them on the lounge chairs while they get a beer and go in the pool. What? Seriously WHY? Even this individual at the ripe age of 16 KNOWS how ridiculous and negligent this behavior is. It’s like these parents aren’t going to let something like HAVING KIDS stop them from having their FUN in Vegas. 

I’ll be honest with you, folks. I. Am. Not A. Fan. I simply DO NOT understand who is having fun in these scenarios? The children? NO. The parents? Definitely NOT. Everyone else around within earshot? HELL NO. I fully comprehend and grasp that Vegas tourism is a money making venture, and in order to make the most money possible, you must market to every demographic available, HOWEVER… that being said… I really WISH Vegas would not market itself as a vacation hot spot for families. Does anyone else see what has happened here? Adults have nearly lost all control of THE ONE city in this country where you can run away and hide from things like dirty diapers, bottles, stroller jams and soccer tournaments. Can’t we just have ONE town where we can act out in sin amongst other sin-loving adults? A place where you can lie at the pool with your Bloody Mary or Pina Colada the morning after a long, hard debaucherous night of drinking, dancing and who knows what else, without having to hear the screams, squeals and tantrums of young children? A town where you can go out and enjoy a tasty dinner at a fine dining establishment without watching unruly children at the table across from you PUT THEIR BARE FEET UP ON THE TABLE and whine about how BORED they are while glued to an iPhone game, as Dad slurps down another beer and buries his head in his cell phone only to come up for air to ask his wife why the kids are acting out? It’s 9 o’clock at night. Kiddies need to be in BED. SLEEPING. Not out on the town in Las Vegas. Anyone in agreement with me here? 

Let’s not forget watching and listening to the parents argue, beg and negotiate with their kiddos to behave or else “no more iPhone for you.” Oh please. Who are you kidding? We all know how that will end. 

The truth is, parents, you can drink all you want, but we all know you are not going to have as much fun on vacation in Vegas WITH your kids in tow as you would if you LEFT THEM AT HOME with Grandma or the nanny. Do you really think this is an appropriate vacation spot for your children? Better yet, why not take the kiddos to KID FRIENDLY MECCAS such as Disneyland and Disneyworld, Legoland, Grand Canyon, or Universal Studios? These places are CREATED to cater to the needs of whiny overactive children of all kinds. Please, for the love of all that is fun in the adult world, LEAVE YOUR CHITLINS AT HOME next time you want to go party it up in Sin City and let us all enjoy our escape from reality for however long we are there. 

This is the foundation upon which Las Vegas was built. Escape from reality and play, spend, gamble, shop, drink, dine, dance, enjoy and go wild like there’s no tomorrow. I can assure you, when the Mob ran Vegas, it was not a town marketed for Family Friendly Vacations. Give us back our adult playground. I beg of you. Ol’ Blue Eyes and his predecessors like Benjamin Siegel would back me up on this one, guaranteed. 


4 thoughts on “Here’s to Five-Star Service and Adult-Only Playgrounds 

  1. Debbie

    I whole heartedly agree with no kids in Vegas. Take them to Circus Circus, Excaliber, Treasure Island which was built for families. But oh no, parents don’t want to go there because your kids have trashed those places and now you want to horn-in on the beautiful adult places. “What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas” is the other problem with kids in Vegas, they don’t know how to shut up! Kudos to you Sally for speaking up!!!!!


    • Thanks Debbie! I’m glad someone else understands! I just think people need to use their heads and not drag their kids on a vacation to Vegas just because THEY want to go to Vegas and don’t tell me you can’t think of any better place to take your family on vacation. 😳 Leave Vegas (The Strip and Fremont/downtown) as the adult playground it was intended to be!


  2. Anna Overley

    Love love love your review on the Mirage. So good to hear that you were treated so well during your stay. As for the kids in Vegas…I couldn’t agree more. There is NO REASON to EVER bring kids there. Regardless of the so called “family friendly” casinos, it still makes no sense to me. It makes me sad to see these poor kids being drug around at all hours when they can barely stay awake and angry at the parents that allow them to be completely out of control in all other situations. Good job sister! Very well said.


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