Broaden Your Horizons at the Broad in Downtown LA


Who would think that 9 months after opening in 2015, The Broad (pronounced “BRODE”) museum would still have endless lines of people waiting to get inside? I made a hilariously amateur move, as I naively thought I could get in on Free Museum Day in January. What a joke! The line was approximately 4 HOURS long. UHHH no thank you. In fact, this museum is still so popular, it is strongly advised that you reserve your spot online the moment they are released for the following month. While admission is free, your time is not, so do yourself a favor and snag a timed admission! 

I lucked out on June 1st, and secured a 3:30pm admission on Friday July 1st! Score! Of course, that meant I had to drive downtown on a Friday afternoon (ugly!) but it was so worth it! Check in was a breeze, they allowe you a 30-minute grace period in case you’re stuck in traffic (like I was) and running late. Scanned my ticket and I walked right in. Just like that! 

The Broad is a contemporary art museum located in downtown Los Angeles, financed solely by philanthropist Eli Broad in the ballpark of $140 million. Broad and his wife generously invite the public in to view their personal art collection of over 2,000 pieces. Housed in a very unmistakeable honeycomb structure, the building also houses special exhibits (including the ultimate elusive Infinity Room) as well as the administrative offices for the Broad Foundation. Conveniently located next door to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and across the street from LA’s MOCA, this block has quickly become a downtown mecca for art and music. 

Spotlighting artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring just to name a few. I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of my long awaited visit to The Broad and my next challenge will be to get inside that Infinity Room for my 45 seconds of zen self-reflection.  

Exploring art is such an essential component to expanding your world view and discovering new and different concepts of beauty. Everyone should make the concerted effort to see art, at least once in a while. And LA is certainly not limited in the amount of art to explore. Art is life and it is all around you. Enjoy!  


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