Old Town Music Hall: Fantastically Old School


Thanks to Bill Field and Bill Coffman, two men who had the dream, inspiration and passion to team up in the 1960’s to save and restore this splendid vintage 1921 theatre in the historic downtown district neighborhood of El Segundo (aka the “Mayberry” of Los Angeles). And thanks to their labor of love, we are now able to stop in and enjoy classic films dating back to the 1920’s.  All visitors are amazed and entertained by the pre-show concerts with Bill Field on the Mighty Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ… and everyone has to join in on the audience sing alongs! Everything from the seats to the chandeliers were salavaged from around the LA area and added to this theater’s splendid antique decor. A picture perfect night out! The lights displays and decorations at Christmas will melt even the coldest of hearts.  

Old movies and occasional jazz, ragtime and big band music concerts too. Such a quaint little neighborhood, tasty nearby dining options, plentiful and easy street parking, ticket prices that won’t break the bank and the tastiest homemade treats ever…try the giant macaroon..out of this world!
This really is what a night out on the town should be like. The choice of films is a fantastically fun and quirky collection, everything from Laurel and Hardy, to cartoon festivals, silent films, Flash Gordon short films  and classics such as W.C Fields’ “Poppy,” that are all listed on their website for your convenience. Bill Field is there every night to welcome his guests, give a personalized intro and background of the theatre and masterfully play the Wurlitzer (which has neon painted pipes that even glow in the dark!) with themes that coincide with the movie. He has truly given his heart and soul to this theater, and it shows. An absolute first rate entertainment experience.
Long live Old Town Music Hall!


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