Seafood Zone Mexican Restaurant: Quiero Mas Por Favor!


Well apparently I am not the only person with the bright idea of looking for a tasty bite to eat after spending the day with my furry best friend at Huntington Dog Beach. Wow did I win the lottery or what? One would never know what lies ahead for them while driving past this funky little off-the-beaten-path shack. Don’t be fooled…go in and treat yourself to some seriously spectacular home cooked mexican food. I grabbed a table on the dog-friendly patio strewn with large potted plants and tropically themed painting, giving the feel that you are somewhere in Mexico on vacation. I figured I better get a Pacifico beer to pair with my chips and zesty, chunky salsa. Mmm mmm bueno!

The wait staff are super down to earth and you can tell it is very much a family/team effort here. I asked my waiter what he thought would knock my socks off and without delay he replied, Filete Relleno de Camaron (chicken and shrimp relleno) with rice, beans and a side salad. Sounds muy bien to me. Let’s do it! They brought over fresh water for my pup (always a brownie point for that!) and all the dogs on the patio seemed to coexist without any issues whatsoever. Relaxing and ruminating on a fabulous day at the beach, here comes my ginormous plate of food.

As much as I shouldn’t admit it publicly, I scarfed down every single last piece of food. Outta sight! All I can say is, if you are ever in the area and craving mexican food at a clean, casual hole in the wall, pull in here to their gigantic free parking lot and get ready to DIG IN. Viva Mexico!


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