Knott’s Berry Farm: Good Clean All American Fun 

An adventurous friend came to town last fall and we decided to make a theme park weekend out of it and go to Knott’s Berry Farm on Saturday and Disneyland on Sunday… and what a blast we had! A little historical background for you. Knott’s Berry Farm was an actual berry farm owned by Walter and Cordelia Knott back in 1920, selling their berries, preserves and pies from a roadside stand. In 1934 Cordelia opened a small restaurant and started selling fried chicken dinners.

As the restaurant grew in popularity, Walter built a replica Ghost Town as well as some novelty shops on the property. Finally by 1968, they began charging $.25 admission and things flourished at Knott’s Berry Farm for many years. About a decade after the passing of Walter (1981) and Cordelia (1974), the children sold off the park (sad!) and restaurant separately. Recovering from a bit of a downfall with some creative marketing and strong management, Knott’s Berry Farm is now on an upswing in popularity and continues to grow in attendance every year. Complete with over 40 rides, Camp Snoopy, roller coasters and a water park, it is quite the bustling compound. However, note that the crowds are NOTHINGGGG like they are at Disneyland. Which is honestly, quite nice in and of itself!

Easy and plentiful parking. Really charming feel to the shops and restaurants leading up to the entrance. We ate at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant before we even stepped foot in the park and learning the history was almost as great as sharing the delectable fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes and boysenberry pie….YUMMM!

Double yummmm!! We headed over to the amusement park and took lots of photos along the way, strolled through the old ghost town,

watched some of the entertainment shows (the gun show was so funny!) and rode a few rides (the Timber Mountain log ride was a KICK!! We couldn’t resist buying the photo of me screaming down the big hill! Ha!)

I was pretty bummed that the Calico Railroad Train ride and Calico Mine ride were BOTH closed! Booooo! But I guess that happens sometimes… C’est la vie, right?

The Knott’s Scary Farm exhibit was super cool yet a tad creepy but thousands upon thousands of thrill seeking horror fans flock here each Halloween to partake in the seasonal festivities.

Loved seeing photos of all the years past. We laughed our way through the bumper cars as well. It was just a really enjoyable afternoon and I would definitely go back again. The price was fair (I bought my tickets online 3 days in advance and got a nice discount!). I’m very happy Knott’s Berry Farm is still around after all these years!! Long live historical landmarks of all kinds!


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