Huntington Dog Beach: Hooray for Dog Beaches


Hanging out at Rosie’s Dog Beach we overheard a tip on another nearby Dog Beach and decided to check that one out. WOW were we in for a surprise. Huntington Dog Beach is beautiful!!

Plenty of metered parking along the main street, expansive area, powdery soft sand, gorgeous open view of the ocean and down to the Huntington Beach Pier. Really lovely beach for doggies and their parents! People seemed to be very responsible for cleaning up after their dogs, in fact I watched one desperate young buck take his SHIRT OFF out of desperation, due to the lack of a poop bag before I ran over and handed him a couple extra from my stash, now THAT’s a responsible dog owner! Lots of opportunities for doggies to socialize as well as quiet spots to sit back out of the action and relax. Elliott seems to prefer one on one’s.



No annoying lifeguards or Beach Patrol personnel to deal with which is a bonus. Living in LA where all the beaches are anti-dog is a major drag, but this beach is definitely worth the drive! On a subsequent visit we unfortunately witnessed a pretty brutal fight between two pit bulls (blame the stupid owners!) at close range, which was down right scary, so we decided to head to the far end where we had a little more space and peace. I think this Dog Beach is fabulous BUT after visiting several times now, I feel I must mention that it can definitely get overcrowded and taking into account that some humans are morons who don’t deserve the right to own a dog, you do have to watch your pup for their safety. I can tell that Elliott likes to play with one  dog here and there but large groups of dogs really makes him uneasy, so I think for us, it’s best to go on less stereotypical “beach days” or early/late on warm weekends.

Annnnnnnnd….he’s done. Sand encrusted eyes and snout. My little man is ready to head back to the Nest. Another fun day in the land of the sun.


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