Solvang: The Little Dutch Engine That Could


As you approach Buellton, you will see the huge billboards for Anderson’s Split Pea Soup and you will also see smaller signs for Solvang. Can’t vouch for whether or not you should pull over for split pea soup but I CAN tell you with certainty that you should take 3 or 4 hours out of your day (or life) and explore the town of Solvang.



This quaint little Dutch village, founded by a group of Danes in 1911 is chock-full of shops, bakeries, restaurants and whimsical Danish architecture including some fantastic windmills to be seen around town.




An open air theatre, a church and several hotels also add to the makeup of this community of around 5,000 people. Statues of The Little Mermaid as well as the famed Hans Christian Andersen can be found in the little town park.


There are several museums in town as well, including one dedicated to vintage motorcycles. And at the far edge of town you can visit the charming and historical Santa Ines Mission. You can stroll up and down the streets window shopping at stores filled with anything from antiques,
Knick knacks and toys to chocolates, shoes and clothing.

Stop into a bakery for an afternoon coffee and sweet. If you’re lucky, you be there while Paula’s Pancake House is still open! Unfortunately it closes at 2pm, so that will be my plan for my next visit!!

So very glad I decided to take an exploratory detour!! An ideal stopover!



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