The Sal Paradise San Luis Obispo: If It’s Got My Name, It’s Gotta Be Good!


Visited my cousins in the adorable Central California town of San Luis Obispo and we decided it was a good day to have a picnic. Cousin Kayla knew just the place to grab some artisan style eats for the occasion. The Sal Paradise Sandwich Shop on Chorro Street in downtown. Very modern with an almost warehouse type feel to it but quaint at the same time. Seating indoors as well as a small dog friendly patio. Always a brownie point earner!

The cool and friendly guy at the counter gave me a tip that if I couldn’t decide on a sandwich from the extensive list, just make up my own. And so I did! Turkey, chicken, Brie, pickles, tomato and lettuce with spicy mustard. Toasted. Thanks for the inside scoop, Dude. And might I say, my creation was AWESOME!! This place is like an edible art gallery of sandwiches. The people making the delicious concoctions are skilled masters in the art of food! No attitudes. No insane prices. Without a doubt I would return here again on my next visit to San Luis. Seriously delicious sammies with no added effort or drama. Elliott actually RAN OFF with a large chunk of my cousin’s lunch because the intoxicating aroma was simply driving him wild! He couldn’t help himself! Great food! Great memory! Sal’s is the place!



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