Splash Cafe Pismo Beach: Flash in the Pan or Simply The Best?


I pulled into Pismo on a chilly, stormy Sunday afternoon with my cousin who was laser-focused on eating at Splash Cafe. I was starving and hard-core craving some clam chowder. There, we were greeted by at least 20 people in line for a late lunch at this very small, divey cafe near the pier. I’m sorry, but is the clam chowder really going to be worth this kind of a wait? I am most definitely NOT a patient enough person, but I AM highly resourceful…. so I Googled the restaurant, called in a pick up order and only had to wait 10 minutes for lunch! Crafty, huh? LORD KNOWS how long we would’ve waited otherwise?? We grabbed a place to sit looking out over the water and chowed down.

I will admit, that was THE CREAMIEST clam chowder I’ve ever had! Like BUTTAH, I tell you. An extra scoop of seafood thrown on top… served in a fresh baked, sourdough bread bowl to boot! Ohhh my yummyyyyy. It was absolutely delicious!! I was definitely feeling fat and happy at this point.

But the questions remain: is there clam chowder to be found in Pismo Beach that is equally as tasty….BUT with a shorter wait?? Is there just a lot of local hype over Splash Cafe…. or do they really possess the BEST clam chowder in town? Enquiring minds want to know!


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