Rosie’s Dog Beach: Sand & Surf Just for Spot


IMG_3119Thoroughly annoyed with all the Anti-Dog beaches of LA, someone suggested that I try Rosie’s. This little sandy playground for dogs in Long Beach is pretty easy to find, though the Beach Patrol guy was a bit weird about the fact that you can’t walk your dog along the beach path TO the dog beach? HUH?

Doggy parents were cool and friendly, dogs were well behaved, everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. The area is rather small but perhaps a little less intimidating that the expansive and sometimes overcrowded (albeit beautiful) Huntington Dog Beach.


Bottom line, my furry son got to LEGALLY be on a beach where he ran his little heiny off and met lots of new friends. And that’s all that really matters!! By the end of the day, Elliott was dripping wet, covered in sand and completely exhausted. That’s proof of a good day in my book!



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