Kimmies’ Bar & Grill Clovis


IMG_3249New Years Eve in cowboy country, Clovis CA. Headed out to Kimmies’ Bar with my cousin, her hubby and their friends. Here’s what the night looked like. Small local watering hole downtown, $5 cover, festive decorations, blowers and confetti on the tables. Dangerously potent Jell-O shots being handed out for free and plenty of bar-style munchies as well. A random cover band playing a hard rocking set of tunes at a deafening volume in the next room. Crowded but not too packed and everyone acting like grown up boys and girls having some fun. Giant screen TVs playing the New York City NYE celebration party. We laughed, sang, danced and drank…a lot. We were all thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

And just as the party was really starting to roll, they switched the lights on at 1:25am and LITERALLY STARTED SCREAMING at people to “Get the F#%@ out” over and over again. No warning, no courteous last call. Nothing but this bellowing screaming as if we were inmates at the local jail. Isn’t this just a little extreme and unnecessary?? Come on guys!! Seriously? What a buzz kill! You had to laugh at their excessively rabid behavior. Other than that… we had a total blast! Just the right choice for the kind of New Year’s Eve fun we were looking for!



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