Chronic Taco Long Beach: Don’t Pass It By


After a fun filled afternoon with Elliott at Rosie’s Dog Beach in the LBC, I was craving something yummy to eat. But what? Driving and thinking, I glanced over at the graffiti-esque Chronic Taco sign that caught my eye and I knew this was the place! The miniature parking lot had one space left, thanks to my fabulous parking karma, and I zipped right in. I stepped inside this small taco joint that consisted basically of only a counter. Cool little place. Very laid back and friendly.

As an indecisive first time customer, employee Jessica kindly assisted me in picking out something fabulous to eat. She asked me a few questions then guided me toward her favorite salad and boy was that a fantastic choice! Plump grilled shrimp, fresh lettuce and cabbage, rice, beans, cheese, tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo and chipotle lime vinaigrette dressing. And the verdict? INCREDIBLY tasty! I mean really good!! I actually inhaled my food before even thinking about taking a photo. Damn! Next time! All made fresh to order and fast too! Good tunes playing while I waited. A kind of rock n’ roll taco vibe going on. So glad the sign caught my hungry eye on my way home from the beach. Two thumbs up for this place!! Note: this California based taco shop has a number of locations around and even does catering too. Pull over if you see their sign and dig in to the goodness. You don’t have to smoke any green or spend a lot of green to love eating here!



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