Fremont Street Las Vegas: The Strip’s Older Sassier Sister


It is almost impossible to think about how many times I’ve been to Vegas and the countless attempts to get downtown to check out the Fremont Street experience before I actually did it!  The new additions, activities and attractions in this part of town have really helped to magically revitalize and restore what had at one time become a rather run down and undesirable part of Las Vegas, into a bustling and edgier flip side to The Strip.  


Snap away on your iphone as you pass the countless tantalizing vintage neon signs, stop in at one of the oodles of souvenir shops to buy a trinket or two, take a moment to watch the talents of the unusual street performers, and be sure to grab some takeout from the best Thai food around at Le Thai to fuel up as you continue on down the yellow brick road. Before making a U-turn, be sure to check out Container Park (an incredibly cool and unique outdoor entertainment, dining & shopping complex made out of massive repurposed shipping containers!!) and the giant fire shooting preying mantis out front… I could watch that thing all night long!

Give a wave, a shout out and a roll of the dice at any of the old school classic casinos such as: Las Vegas’ first ever major hotel/casino resort El Cortez (1941), Binions (of Benny Binion fame, 1951), Fremont Hotel and Casino (1956), 4 Queens (1966), and of course the infamous Golden Nugget (1946) which is looking GOOD these days, before gathering around for the main event… a Viva Vision Light Show.





These 6 minute shows run every hour on the hour generally from 6pm to 1am and you can look up from just about anywhere and savor this experience for yourself on the 1500 foot long screen that is angled 90 feet above the ground with over 12 million lights making up this artistic collage of melting and pulsating designs that are set to the rhythm of the songs. The sound system is other worldly. The colors are deep and vivid. Totally mesmerizing.



If you have never experienced this, OH ARE YOU IN FOR A PSYCHEDELIC TREAT and if you have, just remember there are a handful of different light (and song) shows each night to completely satisfy your eyes, ears and musical soul such as The Doors, The Who, Heart, Bon Jovi to name a few. So far my favorites are The Who and The Doors. “People Are Strange” will BLOW YOUR MIND.  And one last note to those thrill seekers in the crowd, you can buckle up and take a wild ride on the SlotZilla Zip Line and zoom THROUGH the light show itself. What a trip this place is! Gotta love it! VIVA LAS VEGA$$!



2 thoughts on “Fremont Street Las Vegas: The Strip’s Older Sassier Sister

  1. Ellie

    Sally, we loved you as our guide down to Fremont Street. Your research on the best, of the best of Fremont was exhilarating! I delight in the diversity of it all. They have done a great job on creating a side of Vegas that shouldn’t be missed! 🎰


  2. I love Fremont Street, but haven’t been to Vegas in a while. Love your pictures and expertise on the attractions. Makes me want to go back for an “off strip” adventure! Would have to stay at the La Quinta too!!


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