Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: Fresh Air is Nature’s Best Cure for a Hangover


Sunday afternoon, January 25 2015 in Las Vegas. 68 degrees and deep blue skies without one whisper of a cloud. I’m pretty sure today is a perfect day for taking in some natural beauty, don’t you? Well apparently many other people had that exact same thought, but thankfully, 306 square miles was more than enough space to comfortably accommodate all of us… and then some! Just 17 miles west of The Strip near the area of Summerlin, you enter into a completely different world of the Mojave Desert, untouched. One of fresh air, open space and spell bounding rock formations where you can walk, hike, picnic, bike, bird watch, photograph, meditate, horseback ride, rock climb, or anything else (legal) you so desire. Very well marked hiking trails of varying degrees of distance and difficulty are all laid out on the handy dandy brochure you get when you pay a nominal $7 entrance fee to enter the park. The road running through the park is a 13-mile scenic drive with a leisurely speed limit of 35 mph in order to let everyone enjoy the beauty around them sans road rage. An utterly picture perfect few hours were spent here and my dog Elliott was loving every minute of it. Smelling every single rock and clump of dirt.

Just feels SO GOOD to take a deep breath in and just CHILL OUT once in a while. But to do that surrounded by nature makes that deep breath all the better. LIsten to the birds chirping and the light breeze blowing through your hair. So cleansing for the body, mind and soul. I think that a visit to Red Rock Canyon is the ideal balancing activity for whatever you may have indulged in the night before across town. Absolutely lovely.



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