The Neon Boneyard Museum: Let Your Inner Neon Shine


As I continue on with my explorations of Las Vegas, I learned about a place called the Neon Boneyard. An enchanting collection of old classic neon signs from the glory days of Sin City, with a store front that is housed in the actual lobby of the former Las Vegas Strip motel, La Concha. What an absolutely brilliant repurposing of a delicious piece of Las Vegas history. Opened to the public in 2012, with over 150 signs that have been loaned and donated to the museum for your viewing pleasure on day and night docent led tours.

Just a quick drive from The Strip with free and plentiful parking, the logistics are easy breezy. I absolutely LOVED my visit to the Neon Boneyard! We were totally mesmerized by all the colorful and imaginative signs from the 1930’s to the present, and the related facts and anecdotes of each. Such priceless reminders of a town that has always intrigued and lured visitors with hopes and dreams of “hitting it big”. Even the sign ITSELF is a blend of letters from old casino signs!

N = Golden Nugget

E = Caesars Palace

O = Binion’s Horseshoe

N = Desert Inn

I soaked up every single word from our tour guide like a sponge! My Mom and Dad took their Honeymoon at the Desert Inn back in 1962 and she was beyond thrilled to be able to take a photo standing in front of the sign of the now defunct casino (may it R.I.P.).

The tales our guide shared were entertaining and captivating… his theatrical and animated personality made them all the more fun to listen to! I would love to see this museum find a way to somehow expand their space, so they can display the signs without having to stack some in front of each other, but WOW what a gold mine!!



Be sure to call ahead and confirm tour times. Tours are approximately 45 minutes and make sure to leave time to peruse the gift shop before leaving! There are also incredibly cool interactive motion-sensing video fact screens in the Visitor Center. Definitely check them out while you’re waiting for your tour to start! Jam packed with cool tidbits of information. The City of Las Vegas actually donated the land to the museum in a 50-year lease at $1 USD per year. So excellent! Sidenote: Please do not bring small children with you on the tour. They will not enjoy it and their boredom may lead to potentially distracting behaviors, lessening the experience of others, as they throw their tantrums, which was the unfortunate case on our tour.
The Neon Boneyard is a DAZZLING work of art and history that should be applauded for their efforts to preserve the rich and juicy history of Glitter Gulch. Add this to your Must See List. You will LOVE IT!



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