The Golden Steer Restaurant Las Vegas: You’ve Just Struck Gold


The cool thing about Vegas is that no two visits are ever alike. And with 92834792847234 different choices of dining and entertainment, you can patchwork together any kind of fun you can imagine, and then some. On a recent stay in Vegas, I was yearning for some old school dining so of course did a Google search and came up with The Golden Steer. As lady luck would have it, I was actually right in the neighborhood and when I called to ask about reservations, I was told if we could come now, they could get us in. I headed straight over with my traveling buddy and we were intrigued about our forthcoming dining adventure.

Upon arriving at the parking lot of the Golden Steer there was a brief moment where we started to wonder what we were getting ourselves into. A bit dated on the outside, in a somewhat worn out strip mall, but oh were we in for a treat as we walked through the doors of this dimly lit and exquisitely preserved 1958 restaurant in downtown Las Vegas. We were magically transported back to a time when the Rat Pack, Elvis, Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe and others dined here with such frequency that their favorite booths have now been tagged for your enjoyment. Bar straight ahead, walls lined with fascinating vintage photos, dining room off to the right, dark red and black booths, red carpet, enormous steer horns above the door frame to the dining room…you get the picture, right?


Properly dressed, customer-service oriented, English speaking waiters, white table cloths, bus boys who are attentive and well groomed, so far…so very good!
Five-star service all the way! No wonder Elvis dined here every night in-between shows down the street at the International.
Stiff but smooth cocktails, the most SUCCULENT Caesar’s salad I have ever tasted whipped up fresh and made to order right at the table. I. Was. In. Heaven.



My eyes were immediately drawn to the Chicken of the Angels on the menu, while my dining companion chose a filet mignon. Both arrived and were cooked to PERFECTION. A twice baked potato that is so tasty it will literally make you weep. I am NOT kidding you. This place, the ambiance, the service, the vibe of old school Las Vegas, the energy of the friendly ghosts, the food…all of it…out of this world! Ohhhh if only these walls could talk! I cannot go on enough about what a completely spectacular dining experience we had here and I cannot wait to go back! An absolute MUST for all visitors to Vegas who have a little extra cash to spend, though certainly no more expensive than the restaurants in the casinos but without the history or character. Worth every single dime…and then some! I say The Golden Steer needs to be added to Nevada’s Registry of Historic Places. Viva old school Las Vegas!



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