Cleopatra’s Barge Caesars Palace: Dance Like an Egyptian


Cleopatra’s Barge in Caesars Palace. A true icon and staple in Las Vegas nightlife. No cover. Sensational live bands covering all the best dance music you could ever want to shake your booty to. And you’re dancing…on a barge…docked inside the world famous luxurious Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas! Too cool! Stopped in on a whim after singing along at the concert of the eternally sexy and adorable Rod Stewart in the Colosseum on a Saturday night and we ended up dancing the rest of the night away!
Miraculously found an empty table right by the door, excellent dark red lighting for optimal Egyptian beauty , incredible sound system for such a small place, the high energy band playing on stage was seriously awesome (!!), the DJ who spun records in between sets was fabulous and the people watching was phenomenal as always! You really do get ALL KINDS in Vegas.
My sister and I shook our groove thangs as they played hit after hit and the cocktails were STRONG and oh so tasty! What more could you want out of a night out?
I am a huge fan of “lobby” entertainment in Las Vegas versus the big thumping nightclubs, overcrowded with barely-21 year olds. Not my scene. However, pick a lobby, any lobby and you will be sure to find entertainment that suits your late night needs, but be sure to keep Cleopatra’s Barge at the top of your list! Fantastic fun to be had here!



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