Riviera Mexican Grill: Get Your Mexican Grub On Here


After a long luxurious afternoon of window shopping and strolling around Redondo’s adorable Riviera Village, I was ready for some vittles of the Mexican kind.
Going on a recommendation of Kim, the lovely owner of Gus Vintage Goods, I headed over to Riviera Mexican Grill hoping for some muy BUENO Mexican food. Oh boy…was I in for a treat!
This quaint, warm and inviting little Mexican restaurant was JUST what I was dreaming of. Dog-friendly patio (hooray!), lit up with little white Christmas lights, a friendly good looking young Latin buck for a waiter and I was a happy camper.
Gracing its patrons since 1996, Riviera Mexican Grill does it just right. Laid back beach vibe, UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS Mexican food and you won’t spend your next paycheck on the bill.

First off, hands down the best salsa I’ve ever had. Period. End of story. I could have licked the salsa bowl! I ordered the shrimp tacos with tomatillo sauce and cole slaw upon the waiter’s recommendation (of course I went with whatever he suggested!) and let me tell you….this is some of the tastiest Mexican food I have ever had. I’m from Denver where there are endless Mexican restaurants and I now live in LA where there are at least 982748872828418 Mexican restaurants, but I am telling you this place has got it all! I literally wolfed down every single bite (although I did share quite a bit of the cole slaw with my furry friend Elliott) and there was nothing dainty about it. I literally inhaled this food it was so good.
Since then I took my mom there and it was pretty much a repeat performance with her as the star this time. Props to you, Mexican Riviera Grill for serving fresh and tasty Mexican food at really moderate prices with excellent service and a super cool and friendly vibe. Que rico!!


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