Sheriff’s Museum Old Town San Diego: For The Love of Our Badged Heroes


Old Town San Diego may seem like just a tourist trap of kitschy shops and restaurants to some negative Nellies, but amongst the lively Hispanic cultural overtone of Old Town, there are some other wonderful and fascinating gems to be discovered, namely the Sheriff’s Museum at the far edge of town. Opened in 2001, a sheer treasure trove of the history of San Diego County Sheriff’s Department from its beginning in 1850 through today. Hands on exhibits, scads of historical artifacts and photos, showcases full of antique handcuffs, badges, etc, as well as an impressive collection and layout of snippets of historical information and a very touching memorial filling this two-story building.


While you make your way through on the self-guided tour, there are super friendly volunteer retired Sheriffs on site to answer questions, share their personal experiences and stories as well as lock you up in a jail cell…just for fun of course. Growing up as the daughter of a Sheriff in a Denver suburb, I found myself totally engrossed in the history and timeline of law enforcement. My how times have changed!
A nominal entrance fee, loads of fun merchandise in the gift shop and such cool people to talk to. Not to mention, a mouthwatering display of classic Sheriff vehicles out front! Wowza!
A MUST SEE on any visit to San Diego! Thanks to all of you at the Sheriff's Museum of Old Town San Diego for SUCHH an enjoyable and educational afternoon!


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