Galleano Winery: One Good Wine Deserves Another


As long as I was in the area, I may as well continue rollin on down the wine path, right? Next stop, Galleano Winery in the town of Mira Loma in the Cucamonga Valley.
I absolutely LOVVVE the look and feel of this living and breathing winery!




Family owned and operated since its purchase in 1927, in the town of Wineville (due to the abundance of vineyards, but changed to the name Mira Loma in 1930), this compound has stood the test of time. Through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and massive land redevelopment, the Galleano Winery is still alive and kicking. A surviving, thriving legacy. With a small section of the original crop fields intact, barns, housing for the family and ranch hands, it’s a living history book.
You step inside the tasting room and it’s almost like walking in to Cheers where everybody knows your name. Very petite, but cozy. Regulars, locals and newcomers all gather together to taste the latest, greatest and most favorite concoctions.
All male staff, yucking it up with their customers, I felt as though I was in a small town bar somewhere. So cool! With a large picture window straight ahead looking out onto the vineyard. What a sight. So much history. This family has worked three generations deep with blood, sweat and tears to produce the nectar of the Gods that we so desire. It was at this moment, I met….Cream Sherry. Oh Lordddd.
I had never heard of such a thing, but let me tell you, I made an instant and lasting friendship!
After chatting it up and finishing my last sip of wine, it was time to hit the road. What a gorgeous winery and ranch. Dripping with the beauty and charm of an old Southern estate.
Heading home with a few new bottles of Galleano Cream Sherry to keep me company. I was a very happy girl. What a place. Long live Galleano!





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