Captain Kidd’s Redondo: Where the Big Kids Enjoy a Tasty Seafood Meal



After an epic bike ride, I knew I would never make it back to Manhattan Beach without fainting, and I had always wanted to try Captain Kidd’s, so now was the time! They have a dog friendly back patio (yay!) so they had already won brownie points with me! Very straightforward setup with seafood dishes at really good prices. A staple favorite of Redondo Beach’s King Harbor since 1976. You walk in and order from an extensive menu of fresh fish and seafood meals, fish sandwiches, salads and tasty appetizers (like the clam strips!) at the counter, wait for your number to be called and take your freshly prepared meal to your seat. An elaborate fresh fish counter behind you if you want to take some home to cook up to your own liking.
The food was ready in a snap and I was drooling all the way back to my seat! The hush puppies were so good, I basically swallowed them whole!
My fish was done just right and Elliott most definitely enjoyed sharing the steamed veggies with me.



A fantastic and easy choice for lunch or a seaside sunset dinner. What’s not to like about Captain Kidd’s? Loved it! Perfect for delicious yet casual (and dog friendly!) beach dining at affordable prices! Aye Aye Captain!


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