Tin Roof Bistro: Quaint and Oh So Convenient


Tin Roof Bistro at the Manhattan Beach Mall. Lovely dining experience! (*not my photograph)

A friend was in town and he wanted to stay close to his hotel so I researched our options and figured we would give Tin Roof Bistro a try. We arrived about 8:45pm on a Thursday and were plesantly surprised by the food, service and ambiance. Very nice staff, sat us straight away, our server was easygoing and helpful and made well thought out suggestions based on our appetites.The carmelized brussel sprouts with garlic butter, lemon, anchovies and capers ROCKED MY WORLD! OMG….beyond words!


Seriously, these brussels sprouts will make you want to cry they are so good! (*not my photograph)

We ended up sharing several of the veggie sides and could not have been happier! Roasted cauliflower with pickled shallots, broccolini with olive oil and roasted garlic, blue lake green beans with walnut vinaigrette and some creamy polenta with mascarpone and parmesan (yummm!!). We had some very smooth chardonnay and that was just the perfect touch. Pleasant and friendly atmosphere, excellent food at decent prices, ample parking… what more could you ask for? I really enjoyed Tin Roof Bistro and would highly recommend it!


Open architecture, yet warm feel to it. (*not my photograph)


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