Sesame Moe’s: What It Lacks In Service, It Makes Up For In Taste!


Sesame Moe’s Manhattan Beach. It may be in the Ralph’s strip mall, but the food will blow you away! (*not my photograph)

In a strip mall, next to Ralph’s grocery store. Not exactly an exotic locale…but…the Middle Eastern/Lebanese food here is so off the hook that you will completely forget about the less than stellar service and somewhat drab atmosphere. Sadly, our young male waiter seemed pretty overwhelmed trying to provide service to 3 tables.


Sesame Moe’s refreshing and flavorful Tabbouleh (*not my photograph)

The staff and clientele were rather homogenized for an ethnic restaurant, but then again, it is in Manhattan Beach in the South Bay of Los Angeles, which is a pretty vanilla part of the city. Their flatbread was unique and tasty. The chicken shawarma was fantastic. And their ORANGE BLOSSOM ice cream is…..made from the nectar of the Gods!! Seriously!! I have been back several times and the food is just AWESOME! Other mentionables are their tabbouleh, fattoush and hummus. As long as you don’t expect much other than INCREDIBLE Middle Eastern food at good prices, you will definitely not be disappointed!


Sesame Moe’s creamy, garlicky, delicious Hummus (*not my photograph)


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