Roundhouse Aquarium: Make Time For This Little Gem


Manhattan Beach Pier and Roundhouse Aquarium.

As you take time to stroll along The Strand in Manhattan Beach, do not miss your chance to walk out and visit this charming little aquarium located inside the Roundhouse at the end of the pier. Not to mention, the stunning ocean views, possible dolphin sightings, spectacular sunsets and feeling the fresh sea breeze on your face!


Sensational views from the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Founded in 1979 and only charging a suggested donation of $2 per person, this aquatic museum focuses on educating and showcasing mostly local sealife, including starfish, sea horses, eels, sea anemones, seahorses, marine reptiles, sharks, coral and more. The Volunteers are really friendly and knowledgeable and love chatting about all the interesting creatures housed here. An absolutely dynamite activity for kids of all ages! Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself next to, or captured by the shark prop just outside the front door! It will be the cutest, safest shark attack you could ever experience!


A 100% harmless shark attack.

Just around the other side of the building, is a snack shack where you can grab a cookie or hot chocolate to warm you up on those chilly Southern California nights!



3 thoughts on “Roundhouse Aquarium: Make Time For This Little Gem

  1. Ellie

    Sally, I love how you can find the off the Beaten Path places to explore. The fact that volunteers are your guide, in this sweet aquarium, tells of their passion for sharing their love of the ocean and its creatures. 🐬🐳🐠🐙🐋


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