Cake Bake Shop: The Ultimate Baking Fairy of the South Bay



Co-worker’s birthday at the office and somehow I found myself nominated to find a bakery that would not only create “pig” cookies and bacon-flavored treats, but as a bonus, I also happen to work with the most diet-restricted bunch of humans I have ever met, including organic, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose intolerant. Fun task right? Thankfully my Guardian Angels were looking out for me as I called the Cake Bake Shop in Manhattan Beach. As luck would have it, I had the chance to talk to the owner herself, Laura. What a saint this woman was. She calmed my nerves and not only offered to bake pig cookies that were vegan and gluten free(!!!) but also said she could whip up some bacon, rosemary, buttermillk scones for our pork-loving friend. Apparently most lactose intolerant folks can indeed stomach buttermilk. She knew this information off the top of her head and after my Doubting Thomas co-workers Googled to confirm…it appears as though she was correct. TOO AWESOME!
I arrived at her little bakery and what an adorable place she has! Such a personable, talented and creative woman! The place is super tiny but impeccably clean, and smells heavenly! Her miniature works of art were absolutely precious! The real victory was that all of the office folks LOVED them! Every single crumb disappeared from those boxes before lunch. Unfortunately, I was unable to snap any photos of the cookies and scones. But believe me, they were darling and delicious. If you ever have a need for a first-rate baker who can meet the needs of even the most dietary-challenged people, go see Laura at the Cake Bake Shop! Of course, if you just want to indulge in something sweet, savory and mouthwatering, you should head over as well. Fantastic job Laura! Thank you for making me look like a Birthday Treat Genius at work! Best wishes for a long and successful run!



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