The Getty Villa: A Lesson in Opulence


Extraordinary photo ops surround you at every turn.

The Getty Villa…what a gorgeous structure and how lucky are we that the J. Paul Getty foundation allows us to visit and take in all the beauty it has to offer?? I love that both Getty locations, The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades near Malibu and The Getty Center right off the 405 near Westwood, are free to the public with paid parking. This allows for everyone to have the opportunity to experience the sheer vastness, opulence and artistic/architectural genius that comprise these two museums.


The Getty Villa is a tremendous display of architecture and art.

With free educational tours on architecture, gardens, art and more, as well as events and lecture series, you could return time after time and always leave having learned something new and fascinating. Opened to the public in 1974 and closing from 1997 until 2006 for renovation, the hilltop Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades now focuses on ancient Greek and Roman art, architecture and culture. You will be enraptured by the history behind every single small detail (ask about the significance of eggs and darts or the acanthus plant).


Intricately thought-out details.

Not to mention the sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. A definite must see and do while visiting or living in the Los Angeles area. You could easily spend a couple of hours or all day here. A beautiful gift shop, a fair priced cafe with some really nice food selections, and a shaded patio area. You could just sit and meditate, watch the world go by, study the flowers or art collections, or take any tour of your choice. An absolutely wonderful cultural outing!


I’m certain there is a specific reason why there are water lillies in this exact spot.


4 thoughts on “The Getty Villa: A Lesson in Opulence

      • KeithOlsen

        Yes, you are a great photographer, Sally. I’ve heard so many stories about J. Paul Getty, and read his book, How to be Rich. Few people had anything flattering to say about him, though he certainly knew how to live lavishly and promote himself. When his grandson was kidnapped, however, he wouldn’t pay the whole ransome, or maybe he didn’t pay a dime. I forget. I just remember the kidnapper cut the boy’s ear off. That’s what happens to people who depend on a cheapskate to bail them out of trouble.


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