Taix French Restaurant: Merveilleux!


Los Angeles is a ginormous city filled with a huge variety of ethnicities and cultures. And because of that, there are countless dining options to choose from. Since there are so many interesting and inviting eateries here in Los Angeles, I’ve decided to blog about some of my dining experiences for you to peruse, enjoy for entertainment purposes or hopefully use for future reference! Here’s to dining out!


Taix French Restaurant. A real classic gem in the heart of Los Angeles.

Taix (pronounced Tex) is a living piece of history right here in Echo Park and I am so very pleased that I finally got the chance to dine here after all these years of wanting to go. This historic french restaurant opened for business by the Taix family (third and fourth generation bakers and sheepherders from Southereastern France) in the Champ d’Or hotel downtown Los Angeles in 1927. They were known for their soups, french bread and their now famous roast chicken dinner to countless diners for fifty cents (twenty-five cents extra if you wanted to dine in a private booth).


Fabulously vintage decor.

In 1966 the building was torn down to make way for a parking garage which led the family to relocate the restaurant to its current home on West Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park. This restaurant is massive. A bar, several different seating areas, private banquet rooms as well, with a max capacity of nearly 700. You could throw quite a bash here. But even as large as it is, it has a very quiet, grownup and intimate feel to it. Vintage lure all the way. The large booths, the low lighting, giant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and old school historical photographs lining the walls.


One of many historical photographs of the restaurant. Serving fine french fare in Los Angeles since 1927.

Such a charming setting! Our waiter was about as french as they come. He was fantastique! Very professional but with a little french “wit” thrown in. He was quite helpful in guiding us with suggestions of what to eat and drink. What could be a better way to begin a meal than with buttered french bread and a glass of Burgandy wine? Next up was the macaroni and cheese and baked french onion soup for appetizers. The soup was the epitome of perfection if you enjoy french onion soup, but as a mac n’ cheese addict I will tell you this was so mouthwatering and delicious… I nearly wept. Thank God for sharing food so that you have room for more!


Thick and velvety macaroni and cheese appetizer. Bon appetit!

Out came our tureen of Navy Bean soup. A little fresh parmesan on top and voila! So flavorful. I chose the red and gold beet salad with herbed goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette, which was just lovely! A very light and lucious choice for dinner. While my friend went for the signature dish, roast chicken dinner with garlic fries. I will tell you what, after stealing a bite off his plate, while the chicken was very good and moist, I vote those fries as THE TASTIEST garlic fries I have ever had in my life!


Our delightful feast.

And last but certainly not least… the piece de resistance…. the oh so decadent ALMOND PANNA COTTA dessert. Lord help me. In summary, the prices are shockingly affordable. The service is splendid, the food was pleasurable and the ambiance completely charming. I know I will be back again. I just can’t believe it took me this long to finally experience all that is Taix. Tres magnifique!


A rich and creamy Almond Panna Cotta with a side of vanilla ice cream. Decadent!


2 thoughts on “Taix French Restaurant: Merveilleux!

  1. Ellie

    Sally, I love how you include the history of the restuarants you visit. It makes it real and personal. My senses were exploding, as you described the dishes that you pursued.
    This needs to be published in a travel magazine!!!✈️

    Liked by 1 person

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