Nobu Malibu: The Quintessential LA Dining Experience


Dining done right.

Nobu Malibu. Unbelievable from top to bottom, front to back, and beginning to end.


Even the flowers are spectacular at Nobu. Mmmmmm Plumeria.

Absolutely gorgeous restaurant, very “coastal chic”, beautiful people everywhere, breathtaking views, sounds of the waves crashing up on the beach and the scent of fresh salt air mixed with an array of delicious creations and concoctions coming from the kitchen.


This too can be your view if you choose to dine at Nobu Malibu.

Nobu is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in their sashimi plates. These edible artful masterpieces are where it’s at on this menu. The yellowtail with jalapeno is simply heavenly, as was the chef’s special of whitefish with shaved parmesan on top. So unbelievably and delicately delicious.


Yellowtail with jalapeño. Look at this piece of art!

The sushi rolls were basic though still very tasty. We had the eel and cucumber, the spicy tuna and the house special which were all really well done.


Eel and cucumber and spicy tuna rolls.


House Special sushi roll…yummm!

Mini tacos with lobster and shrimp. Oh my! Perfection!


Mini Lobster and Shrimp Tacos….so tiny but SO TASTY!

I was so thankful for the suggestion given to me when I called to make a reservation for a sunset dinner. It could not have been more perfect.


A perfectly timed reservation allowed us to enjoy day and night ocean views from our table.

Arrived a little before 5pm, were seated at a cozy table on the outdoor dining deck above the water, enjoyed the last rays of warm sunshine and then for dessert, we got to revel in one of the most spectacular chocolate soufflés and exquisite sunsets ever, complete with a crescent moon up above. Stunning.


One of the best sunsets I’ve seen in LA. Or was that the sake talking?


Heated Chocolate Souffle Cake in a Bento Box….fantastic!!

First class all the way. Loved it and will be back again without a doubt.


A crescent moon sets over the ocean on a perfect evening at Nobu.


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