Tin Roof Bistro: Quaint and Oh So Convenient


Tin Roof Bistro at the Manhattan Beach Mall. Lovely dining experience! (*not my photograph)

A friend was in town and he wanted to stay close to his hotel so I researched our options and figured we would give Tin Roof Bistro a try. We arrived about 8:45pm on a Thursday and were plesantly surprised by the food, service and ambiance. Very nice staff, sat us straight away, our server was easygoing and helpful and made well thought out suggestions based on our appetites.The carmelized brussel sprouts with garlic butter, lemon, anchovies and capers ROCKED MY WORLD! OMG….beyond words!


Seriously, these brussels sprouts will make you want to cry they are so good! (*not my photograph)

We ended up sharing several of the veggie sides and could not have been happier! Roasted cauliflower with pickled shallots, broccolini with olive oil and roasted garlic, blue lake green beans with walnut vinaigrette and some creamy polenta with mascarpone and parmesan (yummm!!). We had some very smooth chardonnay and that was just the perfect touch. Pleasant and friendly atmosphere, excellent food at decent prices, ample parking… what more could you ask for? I really enjoyed Tin Roof Bistro and would highly recommend it!


Open architecture, yet warm feel to it. (*not my photograph)


Petros: Πολύ νόστιμος!


Petros in Downtown Manhattan Beach for exquisite Greek dining. (*not my photograph)

It’s not just the authentic Greek food, or the stellar customer service, or the ambiance of Petros in Downtown Manhattan Beach, but it is the overall dining experience that is simply aces at this restaurant.
Imagine dimly candlelit tables under a tent-like overhang, in the fresh and salty sea air, couples as well as large groups, gathering together to sip wine and delight in fantastic food in a very un-rushed way. We arrived at Petros on a lovely late summer evening not knowing exactly what to expect and we could not have been more pleased. We were seated immediately at a lovely little table for two outside, excellent service from our waitress who had plenty of suggestions for us in food and drink. You could hear others talking around you, and even a few tipsy women cackling on their “girls’ night out” together, but defnintely not too loud to have a pleasant yet private conversation over dinner.

We started with the feta bruschetta and nikos saganaki…Both were just delicious!
For dinner we chose the Chilean Sea Bass with chopped grilled veggies and melt in your mouth mashed potatoes as well as the Grilled Ahi Tuna and Horta with beet greens and an heirloom tomato salad with feta, capers and chopped olives. What a flavorful feast… Simply sublime!
I cannot imagine a better overall restaurant experience. If you have not been, you must go! If you have been, then treat yourself to a return trip! Petros is the cream of the crop in my book!


Warm and intimate vibes abound every night at Petros. (*not my photograph)

Sesame Moe’s: What It Lacks In Service, It Makes Up For In Taste!


Sesame Moe’s Manhattan Beach. It may be in the Ralph’s strip mall, but the food will blow you away! (*not my photograph)

In a strip mall, next to Ralph’s grocery store. Not exactly an exotic locale…but…the Middle Eastern/Lebanese food here is so off the hook that you will completely forget about the less than stellar service and somewhat drab atmosphere. Sadly, our young male waiter seemed pretty overwhelmed trying to provide service to 3 tables.


Sesame Moe’s refreshing and flavorful Tabbouleh (*not my photograph)

The staff and clientele were rather homogenized for an ethnic restaurant, but then again, it is in Manhattan Beach in the South Bay of Los Angeles, which is a pretty vanilla part of the city. Their flatbread was unique and tasty. The chicken shawarma was fantastic. And their ORANGE BLOSSOM ice cream is…..made from the nectar of the Gods!! Seriously!! I have been back several times and the food is just AWESOME! Other mentionables are their tabbouleh, fattoush and hummus. As long as you don’t expect much other than INCREDIBLE Middle Eastern food at good prices, you will definitely not be disappointed!


Sesame Moe’s creamy, garlicky, delicious Hummus (*not my photograph)

Samurai Sam’s Teriyaki Grill: Fresh, Easy and Made to Order



I happened to be in a strip mall around dinner time and found myself famished. I looked up and like an oasis in the desert, there was Samurai Sam’s! I gave this quick-serve Japanese restaurant a try and was completely impressed! Not only was the girl at the counter incredibly friendly, but she even offered to have the cook make something just for me if I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for on the menu. What? How awesome is that?! In the interest of not OD’ing on carbs but not fully neglecting myself either, I ordered steamed veggies, cabbage and a few pieces of grilled chicken with a small portion of yakisoba noodles and teriyaki sauce on the side. I also ordered a small bottle of hot sake to keep me company until my food arrived and sat outside unwinding from the day watching the busy people go about their way. My dinner arrived in few a blink of an eye and it was absolutely delightful, not to mention HUUUGE. I was able to enjoy half of it and take the rest home for lunch the next day. I love friendly, helpful people in the restaurant business. Fresh, healthy, easy food that was super inexpensive and totally hit the spot! Two thumbs up for Samurai Sam’s!

Roundhouse Aquarium: Make Time For This Little Gem


Manhattan Beach Pier and Roundhouse Aquarium.

As you take time to stroll along The Strand in Manhattan Beach, do not miss your chance to walk out and visit this charming little aquarium located inside the Roundhouse at the end of the pier. Not to mention, the stunning ocean views, possible dolphin sightings, spectacular sunsets and feeling the fresh sea breeze on your face!


Sensational views from the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Founded in 1979 and only charging a suggested donation of $2 per person, this aquatic museum focuses on educating and showcasing mostly local sealife, including starfish, sea horses, eels, sea anemones, seahorses, marine reptiles, sharks, coral and more. The Volunteers are really friendly and knowledgeable and love chatting about all the interesting creatures housed here. An absolutely dynamite activity for kids of all ages! Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself next to, or captured by the shark prop just outside the front door! It will be the cutest, safest shark attack you could ever experience!


A 100% harmless shark attack.

Just around the other side of the building, is a snack shack where you can grab a cookie or hot chocolate to warm you up on those chilly Southern California nights!


Pitfire Pizza: Pizzas and Pastas and Brews, Oh My!



Pizza done Manhattan Beach style. Feel like an uber delicious 10″ pizza? Go to Pitfire Pizza!
Feel like a healthy kale salad? Pitfire Pizza’s the place!
Feel like pigging out on some of the best mac n’ cheese you have EVER tasted? Head over to Pitfire!
Like Microbrews? That’s right…You got it…Pitfire!
Hate the sound of screaming children? You will most definitely want to sit outside on the patio at Pitfire Pizza!
Super casual pizza place in downtown Manhattan Beach. Really great food and ultra laid back employees. But unless you enjoy eating while being serenaded by screaming children, be sure to sit outside, where the noise can dissipate into the atmosphere vs bounce off the high ceilings inside. Great for pre or post-beach day meals! Oh and don’t forget to taste their chocolate chip cookies either!

The Hummus Factory: A No-Brainer For Fast and Fresh Mediterranean



Want a quick meal on the go without succumbing to the evils of actual fast food?
Fresh, flavorful health-conscious food that won’t break the bank? Easily accessible and fast service? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Hummus Factory in Manhattan Beach is your answer! I had a long day at work, wanted to grab something on my way home and could not have been happier with my decision. I chose the chicken kabob plate and it was just delicious! Tender chunks of grilled marinated chicken, a side green salad and thick, creamy, garlicky hummus…just the way I like it! I was able to sit outside and enjoy the warm night air while I wolfed down every last morsel. So simple. So quick. So tasty! So affordable! Highly recommend!