Blake Shelton: God Bless This Okie!


Blake Shelton kickin’ up dirt at the stunning Hollywood Bowl.

Blake Shelton. Women want to be with him, men want to be him. Our favorite hick from the sticks. Tall, good looking, charming, witty, down to earth and really really talented. You can’t help but like him. He’s a real country crooner…like a countrified, chicken fried version of Dean Martin. I just love this guy!


Blake’s Ten Times Crazier Tour. Love him!

I bought my ticket for Blake’s 2014 Ten Times Crazier Tour at the Hollywood Bowl the day they went on sale. It seemed like forever ago. And before I knew it, the date was already here, October 4, 2014!


Blake Shelton at the Hollywood Bowl!! October 4, 2014.

Unfortunately, before we were graced with Blake’s impressive presence, we had to endure to a whole lot of other music before finally getting to see the man of the hour.
Dan + Shay = awful. I know nothing about these two other than what I saw and they are pretty much Disney kids who said they want to grow up to be musicians.
They are just not good. I’m sorry. They’re just not. And country? I didn’t hear one single twang that made me think these two have anything to do with country music whatsoever. Their sound is a flat, contrived, generic teen pop version of Rascal Flatts. The highlight of their performance was their karaoke rendition of Def Leppard’s  “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Their set was…not enjoyable for me. Well, at least now I know of the wonders of Dan + Shay.


Beautiful night for some good ol’ country music at the world famous Hollywood Bowl.

On to Neal McCoy, the emcee for the evening, and a personal friend of Blake’s.
I’m not sure he’s the best singer I’ve ever heard, but he is such an amusing and outgoing entertainer. He is really funny. Cracking jokes, twerking, covering all sorts of songs and making us laugh. He was a great addition to the show. Definitely got the crowd riled up.
The Band Perry followed with a rather long set. I was past the point of feeling antsy and quite honestly growing weary of “country” bands that aren’t country. I like The Band Perry, don’t get me wrong. I think they are talented. But I have a hard time labeling them as country music? I do love their song “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely,” but when they covered Kesha and Pitbull’s song “Timber,” I ran out of patience. I’ve read articles about how country music is no longer what it used to be. And I would have to agree 100%. It’s hard to find good commercial country music anymore. Most of what’s out there is really just rock. And I like rock. I do. But not when I am wanting, expecting and paying to hear country music.

Thankfully…after 2+ hours, Blake finally took the stage. HOORAY!!! NOW THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC. How many hits does this man have?

Blake is such an extraordinary performer and all around entertainer. He really connects with his crowd. Tells jokes and stories, sings his heartfelt country tunes with that alluring country voice of his and openly shares himself with us. It’s no wonder he has won numerous awards, has countless singles on the charts and is a repeat favorite coach on NBC’s The Voice. He playfully put on a cowboy hat complete with a mullet while making fun of his stylish look in those early days of “Austin” circa 2001.


Blake sportin’ his cowboy hat and long locks while he sang his smash breakout hit “Austin.”

It seems as though every single he puts out is pure gold.  “She Wouldn’t Be Gone,” “Doin’ What She Likes,” “It Would Be You,” “Don’t Go Lovin’ on Nobody But Me,”  “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking,”  “It’d Sure Be Cool If You Did,” “Neon Lights,” “Drink On It,” “Home,” “Honey Bee,”  “God Gave Me You.” Hit after hit after hit. Different moods. Meaningful lyrics. Superb vocals. Downright good music. And… quite yummy to look at.


Blake chattin’ it up with the crowd.

Sang a chilling acoustic version of his song “Over You,” that he wrote in memory of his big brother and hero Richie Shelton who tragically died in a car accident and the pain that loss has left in his heart.


Singing “Over You,” the song he wrote in memory of his brother Richie who he lost tragically in a car accident when he was 14 years old. So touching.

Whether love songs like “Who Are you When I’m Not Looking,” or “It Would Be You,” or playful diddies like “Hillbilly Bone,” or “Some Beach,” or drinking songs like “The More I Drink, or “The Boys Round Here,”…Blake can and does sing it all.


Blake and Gwen Sebastian sing a duet “My Eyes”.

A sensual duet of “My Eyes” with his backup singer (former contestant on The Voice, Gwen Sebastian) and an encore send off with the theme from “Footloose” to send us off with a smile. He was so gracious and appreciative of his fans. A genuinely likeable guy! What a memorable show he gave us. Blake, baby, I’ll be your Honey Bee any time!


Yes, I wasn’t front row, but with all the giant screens I was still able to see this hunk up close!



2 thoughts on “Blake Shelton: God Bless This Okie!

  1. Anna Overley

    Well it sounds like you at least got your monies worth with Blake. I hate it when they shove other performers in your face and you have to sit there and endure it. It does make you a little anxious and ready to get to what you are really there to see!! Blake’s amazing and I’m so glad you were able to bring some of him to us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed Anna! Sometimes openers become new favorites (Chris Young!!) but not so much in this case. Anyway, Blake was adorable and charming and sounded fabulous so that’s what counts! And your guy was a hoot!


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