Gypsy Allstars: Baila Me and Bellydancing


The Gypsy Allstars playing at Herb Alpert’s incredibly cool venue, Vibrato Jazz Grill in Bel Air, California.

Gypsy music. The steamy rhythms and raw, lustful vocals of the wandering Romani musicians throughout Northern India and Eastern Europe. An alluring blend of musical language, style and dance. Just sounds sexy, doesn’t it?
For the past 25 years, the Gipsy Kings have lavished us with their gifts of music and passion. We were captivated by their fiery melodies and impressed by the fullness of their compositions.

In 2013, Gipsy King drummer Cedric Leonardi reached out to his fellow alum, including vocalist and guitar virtuoso Mario Reyes, to create a new collaborative sound reuniting them with their blood line connections to the Rajasthani gypsy tribes of India. These seasoned musicians seem to flourish in their effortless fusion of sensual international sounds. The result is an untamed, fleshy and succulent breath of fresh air. Breathing new life into old favorites such as “Baila Me,” and “Bamboleo” with Indian chanting and vigorous drumming. Their music captures your senses and doesn’t let go. You cannot help but move. My belly dancing moves of the past kicked in without hesitation. It’s like an involuntary reflex when you are watching them perform live as you are mentally and spiritually transported to far away lands.


Rajasthani musicians of India. What incredible voices. Excellent addition to this musical adventure.

They rounded out the evening with a provocative “Un Amor,” one of my very favorite tunes. Mmmm. Delicious. Attending their show at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Grill in Bel Air only intensified this adventure in all things gypsy. The intimate size. The candlelit room. The nearly perfect acoustics. Dancing. Dining. Drinking. Altogether exhilarating.


A tasty concoction of vodka, St. Germaine and lime juice, whipped up for me by my friendly bartender Philip. Salud! and Sante!


4 thoughts on “Gypsy Allstars: Baila Me and Bellydancing

  1. 米丹林

    I love how you descibe it as a tasty dish served up for the senses and soul. Makes me want to throw in some Gypsy Kings and and see how it makes my heart dance:)


  2. Ellie

    Sally, nice job with your review! Did you really do some belly dancing? I tried that once and it is not You must do some research before you write these posts. I am impressed. I think you should try getting a job with travel magazines or websites that need reviews for advertisements .


    • Thanks Ellie! And yes! I belly danced for years. I love it! Still use my moves at times, ha! I love researching things that interest me…some of the facts I know and some I have to look up, but I just want to give a full picture of the band and the show to my readers. Thanks for your endorsement and that would be my dream! Writing about my adventures and getting paid for it! Thanks for your support! Keep reading and feel free to share my blog with anyone and everyone!


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