Los Angeles: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch



Things in LA have been a little nuttier than usual as of late, but thankfully the good times are still rolling to balance things out. I thought it might be a welcomed diversion to give a behind the scenes sneak peek into what goes on out here besides all the fabulous fun and glamour. Just remember, all that glitters is not gold but there is always a silver lining.

Finally after 16 months of watching bad decisions play out at the hand of our “Leadership Team,” the company I work for has been acquired. History and experience tell me it is now time to kick Plan B into high gear. My gut tells me that job security is not on the horizon for this girl. The single thing I would miss most about my current job? Bringing Elliott to work every day. It has been a pure joy to have him there with me by my side. He soothes and entertains me like no other. He seriously cracks me up. Such a good kid, he is! By far, the best thing about this otherwise less than magical work experience.


The apartment above me is being remodeled. We are now into week 7 of construction, frequent bouts of no running water, flooding from above into my bathroom as well as bedroom closet, God only knows what kind of molds I am now breathing in. They start making noise around 7am and were sanding the floors until Midnight the other night. The first crew of losers was fired for drinking and job abandonment. And just for fun, I now have two huge holes in my apartment where the drywall rotted through from the water damage that are waiting to be patched up. All that on top of a 10% rent increase and the possibility that any day now I could receive my 60 day notice so that they can demolish and remodel my unit in order to justify jacking up the rent another $500 a month? Good times indeed!



That being said, shit happens. A lot of it is beyond our control. It’s examples like the above that serve as gentle reminders to delight in and appreciate all the scooby snacks you can. Why give undue energy to all the negativity out there? Why not challenge yourself to break out and dig in to all the good stuff? It’s there. You just have to focus your eyes and mind in the right direction.

Living near the ocean in an upscale beach town rocks. I’m not gonna lie. Is it a perfect living situation? No. But I can skip down to the water in less than 10 minutes or hop on my bike and be there in about 3. There are worse places to live for sure.


Life in Los Angeles has its challenges, but a lack of super cool and interesting things to do is not one of them.

This weekend I ventured down to East Village Long Beach from an online tip and I have to tell you, I had a BLAST! What a breath of fresh air. One of those nights that you don’t want to end… the kind that restores your energy and faith in mankind.


The people I came across were so unbelievably friendly, cool and welcoming. The area is an eclectic mix of art galleries, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, and a smattering of watering holes and barber shops/hair salons all set amongst old architecture and Palm trees. A very urban feel with a slight edge, but not too sharp. I want to share a few of the random interactions that I experienced while there:
A tall, lanky 80’s emo-ish poet chic with a Flock of Seagulls hairdo and dark eye makeup performed her spoken word rap in an almost performance art dance for me and two others while I sipped wine in an art gallery. She told me her words were inspired by my “vibe”. Totally fascinating!

I watched a variety of spectacular musicians perform at the annual Buskerfest including Jesse Daniel Edwards and band who played a kind of modern day Hillbilly style with impressive vocals and even watched the ukulele player play THE SAW. NICE!



Ray Barbee blew me away with his soulful, ambient, surf style guitar work. This pro skater turned musician has got some hard core talent. Swaying to his groove. OMG I could have listened to him all night long. The crowd worshipped him. An instant favorite!


I met a streetwise DJ transplant from New York who shared some fantastic inside scoop with me on a handful of underground happenings in LA and Vegas. Notes were taken for future reference. Thanks Todd, the New York Dude!

Elliott and I passed a shoppe with skads of sparkly goodies and walked inside. Just so happens, the store owner has a female yorkie named Pearl who is reportedly “not friendly” but came running over to Elliott and would not leave his side. She was precious! I found Elliott a blue blingy collar, much more fitting of my handsome furry gentleman than his ratty old Petsmart collar. The owner was feeding Pearl sorbet and even handed Elliott a small mouthful! It was like an impromptu doggy date! Love at first sight…ahhhh.




Later in the evening we hung out in a vintage boutique that had a guy spinning some far out tunes while everyone was glued to their iPhones, drinking beer and eating…wait for it…CORNNUTS.


After a cop made a comment to me about how cute Elliott is, I asked him what time the meters run until. He KINDLY told me I have to feed the meter until 9, but they don’t chalk the tires so I can just put in more money without having to move my car. Wow! Where. Am. I???

Walking through the crowd, a large male hand reached out to let Elliott sniff and I hear a booming “G’Day Mate!” Elliott caught the eye of a jovial Australian man who was completely enamored with him. I couldn’t help but laugh. Too cool!

We encountered a woman with two small children who wanted to say hi to Elliott and being a fellow yorkie owner herself, she noticed that Elliott seemed hungry. She told the kids ice cream was coming soon, but first sat down on the pavement and opened up her leftover container and let Elliott chow down on her remaining brown rice and veggies.

SERIOUSLY?? How completely cool are all of these anecdotes? What else is there to say except that when you remain open to all forms of positive energy, it will find you…even through leaky pipes.



2 thoughts on “Los Angeles: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

  1. Ellie

    Sally, I liked how you were able to turn your woes into mirroring the light people were extending to you! Love the quote. I will write it down in my journal! Life is beautiful!!


    • Thanks Ellie! So glad you liked it! It was another pretty impactful lesson in choosing to take in the positive energy around you versus getting stuck in fear or negativity needlessly. Really appreciate the comment!


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