Denver: Home Sweet Home


Elliott and I at Belleview Park. This park has been a part of my life since I was just a wee little lass and will always be near and dear to my heart.

Denver, Colorado. D-Town. The Mile High City. My hometown and place of birth. While my memories and experiences in this city run the gamut from the good and the great, to the bad and the ugly, it will always be my home sweet home. My visits tend to be hectic and fast paced yet grounding, while creating a handful of precious and fun memories to carry forward with me. I recently returned to Los Angeles after spending a few days in Denver and thought I would put together a collage of thoughts and photos from my journey. I will start off on a tangent by saying how grateful I am that my doggy Elliott gets to travel with me. When you really think about it, every single dog should be considered an emotional support animal to their owner. Our dogs are extensions of our hearts and souls and no one with a spirit (or brain) can successfully argue against that fact.


Traveling is always more fun with a furry friend by your side!

However, every so often, you come across soulless people who think dogs belong in a cage in the backyard. Personally, I think those people belong in a cage in the backyard. Suffice it to say, my luck had me sitting next to one of these individuals on the flight to Denver. Can I get an Amen and thank you God, for making me a lover of animals?!?! There is something very wrong with people who don’t like animals… dogs in specific. Something very wrong indeed.


My neighbor on the flight…a most unpleasant dog-hater of a woman. Looks like a real peach, doesn’t she? I’m pretty sure she wanted to claw me and Elliott to death with her neon orange acrylics.

But I digress….back to thoughts of my trip to Denver.

1. Denver…ahhhh…open space. Endless skies. Mother Nature even treated me to a thunder & lightning rain storm. Ohhh the smell of rain in the summertime. The green green grass that lasted all season thanks to a very wet summer is absolutely luscious.


Look at ALL THE OPEN SPACE!! Taken at Denver International Airport just before landing.

2. I know I am a bit of a spaz, but there truly never is enough time to do everything I want to do. I try my best, but I will never be able to fit it ALL IN.

3. I deeply miss dancing. It is a part of my chemical makeup and I need it like oxygen. I have somehow someway got to find a “safe fix” for this hole in my life in LA. Going out on the town with a great friend is the best. Laughing, people watching, getting your drink and swerve on is always more enjoyable with a partner in crime!


Like a moth to a flame…I must dance!


Me and G! She’s a fantastic dance partner and friend!


Sorry but this cracks me up! Maybe I should try doing this?

4. When time is limited, as it is for all of us in one way or another, it is of the utmost importance to spend it with those who mean the most to you. My time with them is like gold to me.


David, JJ and Pharaoh. I love them dearly! Every photo is a portrait with these guys!


A picture-perfect day to be in Boulder Colorado!

5. Traditions with friends should be kept sacred… and Sunday Brunch is as good a tradition as any!


Dear sweet Earnie! The best Brunch buddy I could ask for! Always look forward to our conversations!

6. Denver is such a beautiful city.


Hibiscus in the foreground of Denver’s City and County Building. I love this shot!

7. Plans sometimes change unexpectedly, but you might just end up having more fun anyway!


Me and my Mama accidentally ended up at the Taste of Colorado, a Labor Day weekend tradition in Denver, and had so many laughs!


The Commodores…minus Lionel Richie. They were fantastic!!

8. When in doubt, throw a BBQ! Laughing, chatting, catching up, and eating with friends on a picturesque late summer day. I’m so lucky to have such a wide variety of cool people in my life!


My favorite little friends Laura and Kevin. Two of the greatest kids I know!

Audra, her daughter Jayden and Maya. These ladies are the bomb! So thoughtful! So fun!

Audra, her daughter Jayden and Maya. These ladies are the bomb! So thoughtful! So fun!

David, JJ, Greta, and Anna lookin’ good. Love all the smiles!

Shelly and Anna

Shelly and Anna…instant girl bond! Yay! Shelly wins for being the person at my BBQ that I have known the longest…LHS baby!

Todd and Earnie

Anna’s hubby Todd and Earnie. Two cool dudes chillin out on the porch!


Me with Troy and Tomorro. We’re talkin’ old school here!


I may have smoked out the neighborhood, but I SUCCESSFULLY grilled all the burgers at my BBQ! Yay me!!


Hugging my buds Dano and Tomorro. So glad they could make it!


Marcie, Troy, Lisa and her little mini me Jenna. So great to see everyone all together!


I think Mama approved of my hamburger!


JJ, David and I. I LOVE all the GREEN!


Such a perfect spot in my mom’s yard for a group shot of me with my buddies! David, JJ, Anna, Todd, Troy, Kirsten, me and Elliott!


My zany friend Kirsten, whom I hadn’t seen in many many moons. We met working at Banana Republic in…gulp…1991! What a hoot this girl is! We had a million laughs, as if no time had passed at all.


And in contrast, my newest friend of the bunch, Keith. What an all around great guy! He was so kind to provide and help set up the canopy and BBQ grills (2 of them!).

9. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a little buddy!


Look who got to stay out late with all the adults! Precious little Laura.

10. Get out and discover the beauty and excitement around you no matter where you are!


Mama and I at the Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous!


One of the most unique art exhibits I have ever been to!


Art meets nature. Totally awesome!


So happy we were able to make it down for this! Just breathtaking!

11. Nothing better than quality Mama time… while trying out a new restaurant.



12. Always always always make time for old friends. They are critical to the foundation of happiness.


Sally and Troy. Troy and Sally. We will always be friends. Musical soul mates. I treasure every moment and memory with this guy!


Marcie, Lisa and I celebrating Lisa’s #4th Birthday at Spaghetti Factory. It was a miracle that I was in town for her party this year…so rare! Hooray!

13. Most definitely make time to sit quietly and take in a sunset while listening to the crickets on a summer night. Their symphonies are pure TLC for the spirit. Breathe in the warm summer air while you can. Let your eyes soak up the scenery. Nothing better than summertime in Denver.


Savoring every last drop of a Denver sunset while being serenaded by the crickets. Sensory heaven.

14. Surround yourself in the wonders of nature. It’s one of the best ways to cleanse and nourish the body, mind and spirit all at once… and one of the few things in life actually worth waking up early for!


DeKoevend Park. One of my all time faves.


The Highline Canal is hands-down one of the very best walking/biking trails in the world. Sheer serenity!


Giant trees with their deep green leaves set against blue skies that you can only find in Denver. DeKoevend Park.


Belleview Park..a million and one memories. Oh so bittersweet.

15. And finally… Be present and smile! Be thankful. You have more than you will ever realize.


Elliott and I missing our baby girl Emmy in “our” park. Oh how I love this little guy!


My eldest child Hank the cockatiel. What a guy!! This bird loves dogs more than people! His first love was my precious dog Emmy!


Elliott misses his yard, and large areas of grass, more than anything! He was VERY happy to stay at Grandma’s!


2 thoughts on “Denver: Home Sweet Home

  1. It was so fun getting together and meeting all of your wonderful friends! For what started as a “we’ll stay for a little while” to just not being able to leave quite yet. Thanks for being the “Hostess with the mostest”! I live right by those parks and have never really experienced them. A must before the snow flies.


    • I’m so happy you made it Anna! Thank you for remaining my friend even though I am out of sight for now. I hope you will be inspired to get out and enjoy even the simplest things like the parks that are so incredibly close to where you live! Snow will be flying soon enough my friend!


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