.38 Special: Still Rockin’ into the Night

.38 Special rocked us into the night at Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas on August 10, 2014

.38 Special rocked us into the night at Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas on August 10, 2014

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ classic southern fried rock? I was on my last night of a 3-night music binge weekend in Vegas and what better way to bring it to a close than with .38 Special? The venue: Eastside Cannery off the Boulder Highway near Henderson. I have never been to this part of Vegas before and it has a completely different vibe than the Strip or Downtown but all seemed copasetic, easy to find, plentiful parking, albeit a tad off the radar. The room filled up with bikers, long-hairs, and generally down to earth, average dudes and dudettes while ZZ Top tunes blasted through the sound system. No pretensions, no 20-something hipsters, no thugs, I was digging it. .38 Special has still got it and I was happily surprised at how well preserved they are musically.

Belting out hit after hit...I was a happy camper!

Belting out hit after hit…I was a happy camper!

I love and respect bands that play all the hits the crowd wants to hear. I mean after all, isn’t that what we pay for when we spend our hard earned money on concert tickets? The hits just kept rolling in one after another. “Rockin’ Into the Night,” “Back Where You Belong,” “Fantasy Girl,” “Like No Other Night,” “Back to Paradise,” just for starters. And wow!! They played every one of my personal faves “Second Chance,” “Like No Other Night,” “If I’d Been the One,” “So Caught Up in You.” This never happens to me at concerts anymore! I was PSYCHED! And of course, no .38 Special concert would be complete without a crowd singing along to “Hold on Loosely” followed by the finale with a hard rockin’ version of “Traveling Band.” What a show! These guys know how to rock! Apparently I am a much bigger .38 Special fan that I realized… I knew almost every single song they played and by some form of magic, the lyrics were flying out of my mouth as well! There is something really comforting about being at a show and rocking out with a crowd who were all born before 1980. Why haven’t I made it a priority to see these guys in concert until now? They were fantastic! The only thing I would have changed, is seeing them at a bigger, perhaps outdoor venue. And now, to close with a few words of wisdom. Hold on loosely…but don’t let go…if you cling too tightly…you’re gonna lose control.

And usually it’s too late when you…realize what you had!


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