Arcade Fire: The Show of 2014


Seeing as many concerts as I do, I feel I have a pretty good pulse on the live music scene, including most every genre ever imagined, and last night’s Arcade Fire show at the LA Forum was officially THE SHOW OF 2014. That’s right folks. It was THE SHOW OF THE YEAR.
I haven’t experienced the energy created by this band since the Flaming Lips shows 15+ years ago. Sheer exhilarating insanity. I was tingling from head to toe, completely enraptured by this band, the light show, the electronica dance beats, the vocals and guitars, and the crowd’s insatiable hunger for every single note and lyric. Now, of course, the fact that the pot smoke was so thick I was actually tasting it on my tongue and in my throat may have SLIGHTLY ENHANCED my experience, but nonetheless this was one intense, mind blowing show. The giant reflector covered robot introducing the band should have been a good indicator that this show was going to rock my world.
Everyone sung along with “The Suburbs,” “Rococo,” “Crown of Love,” waving their hands and not missing a beat. Win Butler’s voice has definitely got that alternative edge to it, almost whispery at times but always clear, concise and on key. He was chatty with the crowd, seemed like a really low key and all around cool dude. Invited us to stay after the show for some dance time with a DJ. The band, dressed like a space age mod squad (note the lack of the word hipster, which thankfully does NOT apply to this band or their crowd) reaches out and connects to you on a level that is almost other-worldly. The raging sea of bodies on the floor were moving in unison and I must say, it was an almost-overwhelming sight from up above. “No Cars Go” put the crowd into a near frenzied state. I was LOVIN IT. ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIFYING. Campy, dancey, dreamy, psychedelic and hard rockin … this band does it all. The wide array of musical instruments only adds flavor and depth to their sound. Violin, piano, synthesizer, accordion, cello, xylophone. And if that wasn’t enough flavor, the all-male dance troupe dressed in cut off jean shorts, black high heels and halter tops was a particularly bizarro touch that will remain etched in my memory for quite some time. Too much!
And that takes us to the songstress of the evening and Queen Bee, Regine Chassagne. She is truly something else. Dressed in a disco ball sparkly dress, I loved watching her move, dance, skip, trip and dazzle her way around the stage. The crowd LOVED HER! They cheered for her as if she were royalty. Her vibe is so deliciously eccentric, with just a hint of Bjork, when Bjork was still on top of her game, mentally and vocally. Watching her perform “Sprawl II” was completely indescribable. Dancing around with her brightly colored flags, skipping and swaying as her sugary sweet voice captured our ears and made a permanent mark in our musical souls. It blew me away that within one guitar chord the crowd would go NUTS already anticipating the next song. The final performance of the night was “Wake Up” and the deafening sing along and exploding cannons of confetti were enough to make me feel like I had died and gone to heaven just for a few minutes. We were all one voice, singing our hearts out together in unison as we shared this magical mystical voyage together. This was a show for the history books.





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