Route 66: My trip through the past continues …

Though it may be worn and tattered, Route 66 is a key player in the history of Americana. If these roads could talk.

Though it may be worn and tattered, Route 66 is a key player in the history of Americana. If these roads could talk.


The most incredible tree I have ever seen.


Facts on the Big Tree. Glendora, CA


The Big Tree in all its glory. INCREDIBLE!

The Route 66 giant cup of coffee. So ridiculously difficult to find, it was hilarious.

My most FAVORITE find of the whole trip…Bono’s Historic Orange!!


Fantastical old school roadhouse restaurant. I would love to eat here some time!


The Magic Lamp Inn…I MUST go back to have the full dining experience!


Wolfe’s Market in Claremont, CA. Opened its doors in 1917… the first in a long line of small boutique grocery stores!


Another Route 66 dining nugget…The Golden Spur dates back to 1954 but the building was also run as different restaurants before that under names such as Nifty Nolan and Delores. Must return here!


The world famous Hat Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga. The drive-through line was AT LEAST 982374928374 cars long. Must be good!

So many wonderfully cool things to look at! I took a wrong turn down a residential street and as I was backing up to make a u-turn, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the most GIANT tree I’ve ever seen in my life. I hopped out and took these photos, including the sign which gives a little background. SPECTACULAR! I spent at least 90 minutes driving up and down West Foothills Boulevard in Upland searching high and low for the hidden “giant Route 66 cup of coffee,’ laughing to myself at how INSANE I was for not giving up and going on to the next landmark. When I FINALLY spotted it I thought to myself “THIS IS IT???” So comical! I discovered several super cool old restaurants that I would absolutely love to go back and have dinner at. How awesome would it have been to have dined at the Magic Lamp Inn back in the late 1950’s and early 60’s? Or riding your horse drawn carriage down Route 66 and stopping for a steak and a beer at the Sycamore Inn Steakhouse the year it opened in 1848? As I reached the Golden Spur Restaurant there were cars pulling in with older folks getting out to enjoy dinner at the perfect dinner hour of 4:30 on a Saturday. Love it! I would have grabbed a sammie at The Hat, around since 1951, but the drive through line was at least 4 miles long!! Ok … not exactly 4 miles, but longer than I ever would have waited. Another one to add to the list when I return to the area with a very large appetite! I perused the aisles of the quaint small town Wolfe’s Market in Claremont that has been selling high quality fruit, veggies and food items in the area since 1917! What a fabulous little place!

But the icing on the cake of the day was finding THE Bono’s Historic Orange!! Legend has it that this 7 foot orange-shaped stand, built in 1936, was a place for road weary and thirsty travelers to stop and buy glasses of fresh orange juice before continuing their long hot voyage across the interstate. All you could drink for 10 cents. Now that’s a deal! What a FIND!!

Exploring and discovering Route 66 is something I could definitely become addicted to! Tune in for more …


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